Hong Kong Woman Claims iPhone 6 Exploded While Charging

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One Hong Kong woman claimed her iPhone 6 exploded while it was charging. According to a recent report from EJ Insight, she woke up to a loud bang at 1 a.m. on Monday and discovered that her phone was on fire. She said she left her phone to charge overnight on her bedside table when the device exploded. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident.

iPhone 6 explosion

iPhone explosions are rare occurrences, but they do happen. Earlier this year, a man in New Jersey said his iPhone 5C exploded in his pocket, and he subsequently suffered third-degree burns. In 2012, a woman reported that her iPhone 4 exploded while charging in a hotel. She also claimed Apple failed to acknowledge the incident. She complained to Mashable:

“They’re giving me the classic corporate runaround, and I understand and respect that. But people knowing about this is the most important thing to me.”

There have been other iPhone explosion incidents throughout the world in the last few years. Some of the incidents could be attributed to the phone’s overheating. Other incidents were attributed to faulty chargers made by third-party companies. There is sometimes the possibility of faulty manufacturing.

Apple Music shows promising start

In other Apple news, the company launched its music streaming service late last month, and it’s already proving to be quite a success. The new service was designed to give Apple the leverage it needs to dominate the world of music. Popular streaming services from Spotify and Pandora prove that many music fans don’t just purchase songs or albums through iTunes anymore. Many people would rather pay a small monthly fee or accept frequent ad interruptions for an unlimited music buffet. Nearly a week after Apple’s service launched with a free three-month trial, fans are singing praises of the service.

Apple Music offers a variety of features, including streaming, radio, and social media, to one central location which is sure to impress folks who already love iTunes but want something more.

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