iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: Compared In Images

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Like always, we’re at that time of the year when the rumors won’t stop about Apple’s much-hyped product – the iPhone. What’s special this time is that instead of expecting just one product from Apple, this time we’re going in for a double surprise. It’s rumored that the California-based company is going to release the iPhone 5S, the company’s next generation of the iPhone, and with that, we might also see a low-cost version dubbed the iPhone 5C.

Vietnamese site Tinhte, which regularly posts leaked images of Apple’s products, has got its hands on mockups of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The good thing is that these pictures are in good quality, and show the phones in their full glory.

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C: Compared In Images

iPhone 5S, 5C images

These images clearly depict the similarities as well as differences between Apple’s newest generation of iPhones. The headphone jack is included at the bottom just like the current generation of iPhone, and besides that we can see the speaker holes and the Lightning Dock connector.

From a design perspective, the iPhone 5S is expected to follow the same footsteps of the iPhone 5. We’re not anticipating that Apple will do a major redesign with the iPhone 5S. The phone is expected to come with a faster processor, high screen resolution, 12-megapixel camera and some other improvements.

As for the iPhone 5C, Apple’s low-cost version of the iPhone, the company will use polycarbonate material, which for sure will look somewhat cheap but then Apple might be doing this to save costs. Also it would have low-specs compared to the flagship model, but that’s obvious, isn’t it? For many, price is the deciding factor and Apple will now be targeting budget audiences with the iPhone 5C.

For sure, these pics help us to better analyze what Apple would have in store for us. Let’s wait for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Which one are you most excited to meet? Is it the 5S or the 5C? Let us know in the comments.

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