iPhone 5C Price, Specs, Release Date [RUMOR]

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The iPhone 5c is likely to be announced at a California event on Tuesday, and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans across the world will be watching to see the new phone that the company is adding to its iPhone line. The iPhone 5c is going to be less expensive that its premium counterpart, but that doesn’t mean the specs will be bad. Here’s what to expect from the mobile.

iPhone 5C Price, Specs, Release Date [RUMOR]

There’s still some doubt about where the iPhone 5c will be released. Some analysts have said that releasing a cheap iPhone in the West would be a poor decision from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), as it would eat into the company’s brand image and premium sales. There is a chance that the iPhone 5c will not be announced until the September 11 Beijing event that Apple has planned.

iPhone 5c processor

The iPhone 5c will probably feature the processor from the iPhone 4s, rather than something different from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Supply checks indicate that the company has been increasing its production of the A5 chip, the kind used in the iPhone 4s.

The iPhone 4s wasn’t the fastest phone in the world, but it is still pretty zippy today. The model won’t be as quick as the iPhone 5s, but it will still feel amazingly quick in your hand. The iPhone 4s is still one of the best smart phones you can get your hands on today.

The iPhone 5c will probably have around 1Gb of Ram and 8-32GB of storage. The phone will have the same shape and general form of the iPhone 5, but it will likely have more plastic parts in place of metal. There’s very little to indicate when the phone will be released, and since we have no idea where it will be released yet there’s little point guessing.

iPhone 5c pricing

This has been one of the most contentious topics around the production of the iPhone 5c. How much will it cost? The smart phone will be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean much by itself. The iPhone 5 costs more than $600, and the iPhone 5s is likely to cost the same.

The iPhone 5c is going to cost somewhere between $300 and $400 according to analyst guesswork. It’s more likely that the phone will be released at the $400 level, but we’ll have to wait for the iPhone 5c event to get the info.

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