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iPhone 5C Powered-On Video

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If rumors are true, then Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is ready to unveil two new smartphones at its September 10th event. One of them is the flagship phone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, and the other one is the iPhone 5C, a low-cost version of the iPhone. As the launch nears, we’re increasingly seeing new rumors everyday, and this time, we’ve got a hands on video of the iPhone 5C handset, completely assembled, powered on and working.

iPhone 5C Powered-On Video

iPhone 5C switched on

We’ve previously seen photos of the device and packaging material in leaks, but photos don’t always give us a clear idea. A video from Chinese site C Technology shows a hands-on video, and this is the first time that we’re seeing the iPhone 5C in a video, and switched on.

The video looks very legitimate, but then again, we should always take such things with a pinch of salt. It is just a 48 second video, and with very poor quality. Also the vlogger did not spin the entire device to 360-degree which rouses our suspicion. Is it fake or legitimate? We’ll leave that to you.

It should be noted that the iPhone 5C is said to look much like the iPhone 5. The device in this video could be a hybridized handset, with the internals of iPhone 5 and running on iOS 7 beta with a plastic shell. If someone would have wanted to fake it, then it’s certainly possible.

iPhone 5C unveiling

The device is expected to be announced next week, and it would be great to see the device finally announced, officially, after so many leaks, speculations and concepts. The iPhone 5S and 5C is expected to be made available from September 20th onwards, in select markets.

It would be interesting to see how Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) would price the new iPhone 5C, since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s definition of ‘affordable’ is slightly different. The iPad mini is no doubt cheaper than the full sized iPad, but it still was too pricey for many people out there. This time, however, we hope that the device is priced reasonable, keeping in mind it’s specs and the plastic body.

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