iPhone 5 Will Launch This Autumn Says Analyst

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iPhone 5 Will Launch This Autumn Says Analyst
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to be the subject of intense speculation as we approach the launch of the company’s iPhone 5 the most anticipated product of 2012. One of the major questions surrounding the product is when exactly it will be released.

An analyst has tried to answer that question today and points to the most likely release date as September or October of this year. The analyst, Amit Daryanani from RBC, has given a list of reasons supporting those months as the most likely time frame for the launch of the world’s most popular smartphone.

The first, and most obvious, support for the conclusion is that the company has updated the smartphone regularly and annually. The phone, according to the report, has undergone a serious redesign pretty much every two years. This means that in 2012 we are expecting a completely new iPhone release.

There is also the increased consumer perception of this pattern. Daryanani believes that is increasing the cyclical nature of iPhone demand and will ultimately force Apple’s hand in making release decisions. Whether anything, particularly consumer expectations, can force Apple to do anything they don’t really want to do is a matter for speculation.

The report concludes that Apple will probably release their new Smartphone in the Autumn. Whether or not this is going to happen is unknown to any outside of the top tier at the Cupertino giant.

As many reports have being saying of late we are expecting a 4G capable iPhone that will have a slightly larger screen, possibly close to 4″ or maybe even bigger. The problem for Apple with increasing the size of its screen is to continue to offer the high quality retina displays that consumers love.

The Retina mark became a big selling point for the new iPad when it was released earlier this year.

According to a ZDnet blog today written by Adrian Kingsley Hughes one route the firm could go down would be even more ambitious than keeping the Retina display on a larger phone. The company could increase the pixel density to 500 ppi far above the iPhone 4S standard of 326 ppi.

Such a change is possible according to Kingsley Hughes and it could mark a new departure for Apple in screen technology, a retina 2.0.  This would solve several problems for the company relating to the screen’s aspect ration, quality and size. The iPhone 5 will be an exciting product no matter what. We’ll have to wait and see what the firm brings to the table.

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