iPhone 5 To Feature 8-Pin Dock Connector and Enhanced Bluetooth

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 iPhone 5 To Feature 8-Pin Dock Connector and Enhanced Bluetooth

Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 is now rumored to have an 8-pin dock connector and enhanced Bluetooth.

For the longest time, Apple’s mobile products (including iPhones and iPads) came with 30-pin dock connectors. Over the last few months, it was speculated that Apple would shrink the size of their dock connectors to either 16-pin or 19-pin sizes. Now iLounge reports that Apple will release an 8-pin connector instead. They stated, “Although the original Dock Connector contained 30 pins, reports of 16- or 19-pin connectors seemed hard to square with the port’s small size and Apple’s actual need for additional pins beyond what USB/Micro-USB offer.”

That’s not all, iLounge also reports that Apple will enhance their Bluetooth feature. They’re supposedly working on a link that connects iOS 6 with Bluetooth 4. This feature could allow users to read messages from their iPhone on other iOS 6 powered devices.  These reports are merely rumors right now, as Apple has yet to confirm anything about the iPhone 5.

The rumors regarding iPhone 5 won’t stop. It seems like everyone these days “knows” something about a product that has yet to be confirmed.  It’s pretty obvious that Apple is working on something significant but right now we’re in the dark and it looks like Apple wants to keep it that way.  You can blame them on that, for many of their technology products are the most sought and they have to protect their brand to stay in the game.

Since everyone has high expectations for the iPhone 5, I’m really surprised that nobody has found a rumor that’s more exciting. Most likely, Apple has a few tricks up their sleeve and they will end up surprising everyone in  the long run.

If it’s true that Apple plans on shrinking the size of the dock connector for the next iPhone(and subsequent Apple products), chances are, their sixth generation smartphone will feature a new or slightly enhanced look. As we know, Apple may need to make some major improvements if they want to stay in the game. With competitive products on the market, namely the Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s a crucial move to make a few significant changes starting with the look of their phone. Other important things for them to consider include more impressive features that go beyond Siri.  Samsung’s Galaxy matches the iPhone in a lot of ways, which makes it a viable alternative, and since the Galaxy flagship phone is already selling so well, Apple will need to provide a new reason for people to purchase their next phone when it debuts in stores soon.

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