iPhone 11 May Have A Triple-Lens Camera In A Square Bump

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Sales of Apple’s iPhones appear to be slowing, but there is no slowdown in rumors for the next-gen model, which most are referring to as the iPhone 11. The latest rumor claims there will be a triple-lens camera on the iPhone 11 in a square setup.

Triple-lens camera on the iPhone 11 in a square setup

Citing Chinese suppliers, Japanese-language blog Mac Otakara claims the iPhone 11 will feature a triple-lens camera system inside a squared bump. The squared bump will reportedly house three lenses and the flash for the rear camera. Such a module appears quite similar to the one seen in the Huawei Mate 20.

Triple-lens camera
Image Source: Macotakara (screenshot)

The report also suggests the same setup could used in the successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, it will reportedly be limited only to the higher-capacity variants.

The Wall Street Journal reported previously that the high-end iPhone 11 could feature a triple-lens camera system, suggesting the largest model with an iPhone XS Max form factor. However, Mac Otakara believes the triple-lens camera system could be in the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 as well. The Japanese blog also suggests that instead of differentiating based on form factor, Apple may give preference to higher-storage variants. This could mean the 64 GB iPhone XS successor might retain the same dual-lens camera module.

Apple has done this before by limiting some features to higher-storage variants. For instance, at the time of the iPhone 7, the glossy new Jet Black color was limited only to the 128 GB and 25 6GB variants. However, if what Mac Otakara is saying is true, it would be the first time Apple gives different camera setups to the same model.

Triple-lens camera set-up only for iPhone 11 Max?

A similar squared camera setup was shown in iPhone 11 Max renderings shared by Techconfigurations. The renderings show the handset with three cameras in a squared module placed in the top-left corner.

Triple-lens camera
Image Source: tech.sina.com (screenshot)

However, unlike in the rendering shared by Mac Otakara, in which the lenses and the flash are placed neatly beside another, the squared bump in the iPhone 11 Max renderings showed a messy setup with the lenses placed alongside the rear microphone and flash.

Further, reports suggest the iPhone 11 Max could be even bigger and come with other hardware upgrades. The rear camera setup is expected to be 14 MP + 10 MP + 7 MP with support for 4K video recording and optical image stabilization. The front camera could have an 11 MP lens paired with improved 3D facial recognition. There will still likely be a notch on the front, but it is expected to be 40% smaller than the one on the iPhone XS Max. In addition, the handset is expected to feature a steel frame and a glass-covered body.

This is not the first time we are hearing about a triple-lens camera on the iPhone 11 in a square setup. In January, Onleaks first talked about this possibility for Apple’s next-gen phone.

Interesting features expected for iPhone 11

Recent reports suggest the next-gen iPhone could feature a new “waterproof” display technology. This technology would reportedly make the device able to accurately read gestures and taps even when the phone is in water. This feature sounds interesting but would not be of much use to most iPhone users, except possibly for operating the phone even in the rain.

Another rumor suggests the iPhone 11 could come with Apple’s next-gen Taptic Engine, which reportedly supports “directional precision.” It is believed that the technology would allow users to feel the vibrations from specific parts of the screen when they are tapped. Again, it does not appear to be a very useful feature, but it sounds interesting.

Further, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the next iPhone could feature a “frosted glass casing,” which would be a totally new design for the iPhone. This “frosted glass casing” might be something similar to what Google uses in the Pixel 3, which has a glass casing with a glossy- matte glass finish.

As far as the iPhone 11’s general specifications, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes it could feature a larger battery, bilateral wireless charging and a triple-lens camera. Moreover, the next-gen phone will run on iOS 13, which could come with one long-awaited feature: dark mode. Like last year, Apple is expected to launch three iPhone models this year and retain the same screen sizes.

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