iPad Mini: Are These The First Real Images?

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iPad Mini: Are These The First Real Images?

When the Apple’s iPhone 5 was launched, people were not as excited as they were during the time of iPhone 4S and that’s because of the numerous iPhone 5 leaks and rumors. We already knew that it will come with a 4-inch screen, faster processor and 4G and that’s the reason why the official event could not surprise us. Same way, we are now increasingly getting rumors about the iPad Mini and this could be an indication that the launch of this device is near.

The Chinese site Bolopad has posted exclusive shots of the real iPad Mini. These pictures seem to be legitimate as of now. The bottom part in the picture shows the lightning dock connector and that’s the reason why it really seems to be the real deal.

The iPad Mini is said to feature a 7.85-inch screen, resolution identical to the iPad that is 1024 x 768 and will come with iOS 6, which is Apple’s latest mobile operating system. It will resemble to the current generation of iPad, as per the rumors.

However, we don’t think that it will cost $299 as the recently launched iPod Touch 5th generation costs $299. Can Apple price it competitively? Only time can answer our question and for now we’re waiting to see if this device can really impress us.

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