iPad 5 In ‘Silver’ And ‘Space Grey’ Colored Casing

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will probably launch the iPad 5 and the second generation iPad mini in October, but as has been with many Apple devices, images of the about-to-be-launched gadgets have already been leaked over the past few months. And, if we go by the latest leaked images that popped out yesterday, it may be expected that after bringing a whole new color palette for the iPhone, Apple will try to give a new look to the iPad 5, as well.

iPad 5 In 'Silver' And ‘Space Grey’ Colored Casing

New iPad 5 in Space Grey and Silver

The latest leaked photo show the iPad 5 casing in “space grey” that looks similar to the previous leaked photos, however, the color of the parts was slate. Sonny Dickson published pictures of the casing of next iPad in Space Grey and Silver.

 There was another leaked picture a few weeks back, but it differed in color from the parts shown in Dickson’s iPad 5 pictures. There are speculations that the new iPad will be offered in the same colors as the iPhone 5S. There are strong chances of Apple rolling over a gold-colored iPad like the iPhone 5S, which has been quite popular.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will apparently organize an event to launch some new iPads apart from other gadgets in October. It is rumored that  October 15th will be the event date.

Apple going colorful

The color experiment of Apple has been highly successful, as current figures show that the colorful iPhone 5C is doing quite well and the pink shade has surpassed all colors combined. Apple might follow the same strategy in its iPads, too, as according to the experts there can be two new releases in the iPad segment this year.

iPad mini was launched in November 2012, and if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) goes by the same trend, then it is likely that two iPads will be launched in mid-October, and available in stores for sale by the first week of November. Current iPad mini prices are being slashed in various regions, which indicates the arrival of a new version.

As far as rumors go, the Apple iPad 5 is said to have a 9.7 inch retina display, like the iPad 4. The new iPad is believed to be powered by an A7 processor and iOS7 Operating system. The GPS receiver can be included in the tablet this time with a sleeker body and bigger screen.

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