iOS Public Beta 3 Release Date: What To Expect

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iOS beta users are probably itching for the next update of iOS 11. Not to worry! The iOS public beta 3 is likely just around the corner. This would be in line with how Apple usually schedules their beta releases. Typically we will see about a 2 week window between beta builds when it comes to iOS. Since the last iOS 11 beta dropped over a week ago, we can reasonably expect the iOS 11 public beta 3 to be available for download in about a week.

So, what can users expect with the iOS public beta 3? Well, not much will be different from the public beta 2. Apple has reached the point in iOS development where the features are pretty much set and ready to go. It’s very rare that any software company will make major changes in the beta stages. Rather, beta testing is for working out bugs and receiving feedback before an official public launch to the masses. Beta users are, in essence, volunteer testers for Apple. So, a few bugs and errors will be fixed but, largely, the iOS 11 public beta 3 will be the same as the last beta release.

However, if you haven’t yet tasted iOS 11 then the iOS 11 public beta 3 release would be a great time to jump in if you don’t want to wait until the official public release later this fall. Here are some of the big changes coming in iOS 11:

Customizable Control Center

Control center is a handy way to manage and toggle certain settings and apps simply by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The only limiting part of control center was the fact that it wasn’t customizable for individual users. Apple told you what settings shortcuts could go in control center and that was that. Now, with iOS 11, users can customize their control center to feature the settings and toggles they use most. There’s also a really cool screen recording option that can be added to control center. If you want to check out the new and improved control center then the iOS 11 public beta 3 release will be one of the most polished ways to do so.

More Storage Space

Since the iPhone, iPad, and iPod don’t have expandable storage, every single megabyte is important. If you own an iOS device then you have likely done the sad ritual of deleting photos and videos to make more room for more photos and videos. Now, in iOS 11, Apple has improved the compression of photos and videos. This means more space for new pics, less time spent deleting those precious family memories.

Apple Maps is Smarter

If you install the iOS public beta 3 when it releases then you will get the chance to experience the new and improved Apple Maps. Now, Apple Maps will give lane guidance and speed limit indicators to help you reach your destination easier and with fewer speeding tickets. There will also be indoor maps available at certain airports and malls. Perfect for travelers trying to find their way from gate 16A to gate 35B.

The Essential Tips and Tricks

We did an article with some awesome iOS 11 tips and tricks to help get you going. If you’re still unsure about jumping into iOS 11, take some time to check out that piece and see if you’re ready to take the plunge. There’s still another week or so before the iOS 11 public beta 3 is expected to release so you have some time to decide if installing the beta is right for you. If not, it won’t be long until the official release is upon us. Are you going to be an iOS 11 beta user or will you wait until later in the fall? Let us know!

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