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iOS Jailbreaking Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

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According to some people, who claim to know about these kinds of things iOS Jailbreaking is almost a thing of the past. And as soon as Apple launches iOS 10 on the 13th (Next Monday) it could be time for iPhone and iPad users to give up and the jailbreaking community to disband!

The End of the Line for iOS Jailbreaking?

Whilst there have been rumors about various different hackers, having been able to create new Jailbreaks for the likes of iOS 9.3.2. So far they have failed to share anything to prove that is the case with the wider community. So for all intents and purposes, they may as well have said they’d been able to fly to Mars and back, as there’s no real proof!

As for the last real stable iOS Jailbreaking effort, that was way back with iOS 9.1 in March. It’s now June and there does not look like there will be a credible iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak any-time soon. However, I have today reported on a supposed iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak by GSMagic, but it like others has been promised, but may not materialize.

So as it stands, if you have a stable device running on 9.1 or lower you can still jailbreak, but if you want any newer features, from 9.3.2 and upwards there is no hope to have them jailbroken.

Apple’s Stance

Personally I have nothing against those who want to jailbreak and those who do not, it’s a choice just like everything else in life. However, Apple does not see it that way, it sees iOS jailbreaking as a way of undermining the work and security of the mobile OS it has created. It see’s jailbreaking as a way to allow those users with more illegal intentions to break through its security and put iPhone, iPad and other device users at risk of fraud and other unpleasant crimes.

Also Apple and other content producers consider iOS jailbreaking to have been originally created as a means to an end for software, music and other forms of piracy. And is one of the single biggest reason why some developers have abandoned the platform due to loss of income.

Apple decided a year or so ago, that it would combat jailbreaking by speeding up the release of updates for iOS. This now means that jailbreaks have a limited lifespan, due to the tech giant not digital signing older versions of the OS.

Another method that Apple uses to combat what it considers to be a jailbreak menace, is to offer those who create them larger rewards than they would expect to gain from releasing a jailbreak to the wider community. This means that Apple now has an army of former enemies freelancing for it, looking for possible exploits and getting paid when they inform the tech giant.

iOS Jailbreaking Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

What Does the Future Hold for iOS Jailbreaking?

As you probably already know, there are rumors flying around the internet suggesting that iOS jailbreaking is dead! Is it? I’m not sure, as there are many talented coders around the world, and if just one finds a way then the answer would be no jailbreaking is not dead!

However, what I can say for certain is that jailbreaking is a dying form of software circumvention. Long gone are the days in which a new iOS update would be launched and seeming from nowhere a jailbreak would be ready. So this basically means that if you rely on jailbreaks to run your favourite software, then you’re going to have to be patient.

And in most cases, being patient would be a good thing, but with ageing code comes risk too! How long will jailbreak users be willing to wait for new updates? Weeks? Months? Years? Depending on how long you / they are willing to wait could put you at risk of all sorts of nasty stuff!

Final Thoughts

According to some EX jailbreakers, there are now less reasons to take part in iOS jailbreaking than ever. Mainly because Apple has continued to improve iOS, with new features being regularly added and much more choice where apps are concerned than almost any other platform.

Whether you decide to jailbreak or not, what you need to remember is that Apple owes you nothing and neither does the Jailbreaking community and the hacking teams that people rely upon for jailbreaks. What I think should be your number one concern, is the security of your device and the data stored in it. As the older the iOS version you’re running on the greater it is vulnerable to being exploited.

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