iOS Beta 7 vs iOS Beta 6 Comparison

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Just four days after the release of iOS 10 Beta 6 comes iOS 10 Beta 7, identified as build 15A5345a. This second successive release in one week suggests that Apple may have moved quickly to patch a bug found in iOS 10 Beta 6, as typically beta releases arrive earlier in the week on a Monday or Tuesday.

If you have been testing iOS 10 Beta 6 on your iPad or iPhone, go to the Software Update area of the settings app, and you will find the OTA update for Beta 7 waiting for you.

iOS 10 Beta 7 vs. iOS 10 Beta 6

So now that the new beta is out and ready for developers to use, the most important question that comes to mind is what changes Apple has made this time around. With Beta 6, we saw a blue rounded rectangle become a red circle, an update given to sticker packs, improvements made to search hints, and Siri updated to provide responses when a request requires the removal of an app.

iOS 10 Beta 7 Vs iOS 10 Beta 6

So given that this latest Beta update has been completed and released in an even shorter space of time, we shouldn’t expect anymajor changes.

What’s new:

In the release notes that came with Beta 7, there are absolutely no changes mentioned, which means it is taking after Beta 6 and is likely to be what is called a “HOT Fix,” which fixes behind-the-scenes issues and improves performance. However, there are some tweaks, although relatively minor ones, that I can mention, and they are:

  • Voicemail transcription (beta) is available for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE with Siri language set to English (United States or Canada).
  • People syncing is not enabled via iCloud Photo Library in iOS 10.
  • WebGeolocation requires a secure (HTTPS) website to work with both iOS and macOS to prevent illegal use of location data.
  • Swift Playgrounds is included with iOS 10 beta 7. Swift Playgrounds Beta 7 contains Learn to Code Part 1 and Part 2.

Final thoughts

So that’s what iOS Beta 7 brings us. It looks like iOS Beta 6 was the larger update, and to be honest, it did not offer much either. Unfortunately, this means there is nothing much to say about Apple just making performance and security tweaks before iOS 10’s public release next month.

This could also indicate that iOS 10 will get its usual two-day headstart before Apple announces the latest iPhone, the iPhone 7, and maybe the Apple Watch 2 on September 7 with a possible release date of September 16.

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