iOS 9 Beta With Apple Music To Come Early Next Week: Eddy Cue

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Apple officially rolled out Apple Music streaming service on Tuesday with the release of iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2 updates. Developers running the iOS 9 beta were left out because the latest beta build does not support the service. The Cupertino-based tech giant will release the next iOS 9 beta with Apple Music “early next week.”

Users can opt out from paying for Apple Music

Responding to questions from Twitter users, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue confirmed that the new iOS 9 beta with the streaming music service would arrive next week. Cue had stated last week that the new iOS 9 beta with Apple Music support would arrive soon, but did not provide the exact timeframe for the release.

Cue also shared some key feature details of the upcoming iOS 9 beta. He said during the tweet session that the bitrate quality will vary depending on whether the device is connected via cellular or WiFi. He further clarified that users can easily opt out from paying for Apple Music by turning off auto-renewal in the Subscription section of their Apple ID settings.

Earlier, Cue had confirmed that Apple would always pay to artists during the three-month trial period after Taylor Swift threatened to pull down her album from the company’s streaming service over royalty payments. Apple Music on iOS 9 beta is expected to appear similar to the Music app in iOS 8.4.

Next iOS 9 beta may come out on Tuesday


The iPhone maker’s subscription-based streaming service has some unique features such as human curated playlists, a 24-hour radio station, and a social network for artists. The last iOS 9 beta seed was released on Tuesday, June 23rd. Next Tuesday is in line with Apple’s usual two-week interval for beta launches.

The iOS 9, which is expected to come out with the next-gen iPhone in September, will bring some radical changes. It will prevent advertisers from accessing users’ app download data, which helps them serve targeted ads. The operating system has also added Content Blockers to Safari Extensions, allowing users to block ads. The new OS will occupy only 1.3GB space on your device, compared to 4.58GB for the iOS 8.


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