iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks September 2016 [Latest Editions]

iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweaks September 2016 [Latest Editions]

If the thought of having to put your hand into your pocket to find money for the upcoming iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus fills you with a sense of dread, why not extend the lifespan of your current jailbroken iPhone with some additional functionality? One way of doing this is to use the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak solution and take advantage of the multitude of jailbreak tweaks available.

The latest iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks

If you’re not a jailbreak user and want to use the jailbreak that the Chinese PanGu team created, here’s our tutorial on how to jailbreak an iOS 9.3.3 iOS device. However, if you’ve already gone this far, you need to know what jailbreak tweaks are safe to download from Cydia and which ones you need to stay away from. Unfortunately, that’s not always an easy thing to decide. So here’s a selection of what we consider to be the latest and best iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweaks available right now.

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Discreetify9 iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweak


This iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak enables you to manage/filter incoming notifications based on keywords you decide. This means that you can make sure no notifications which show information that is sensitive in nature are displayed. You can get Discreetify9 via the BigBoss Repo for 99 cents.


Have you ever wanted to see music notifications in the Notification Center? With Notum, that’s exactly what you get, plus the ability to customize many different options. This iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak is available via the BigBoss Repo for $1.

Steps iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak Tweak

Steps Pedometer

If you are just starting out or are an avid walker, Steps is a free iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak that will allow you to keep an eye on how many steps you have taken.


Do you prefer the look of the OS X login screen to that of iOS? The Login iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak gives you the ability to use an OS X-loke login screen on your iOS device. This comes complete with OS X style shut down and restart buttons., and is available via the BigBoss Repo for 99 cents.

ArithmeticAlarm9 iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweak


Need to improve your mental arithmetic? This iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak turns your alarm into an early morning math test. What’s more, the alarm will not shut off until you answer the questions correctly.


Imagine being able to respond and compose iMessages anywhere quickly within your device. That’s exactly what this new tweak enables you to do, and it comes with a three-day free trial. You can also purchase it from the BigBoss Repo for $1.99.

SkyCalendar iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak tweak


If you want a calendar app that’s less in your face than what is available on stock iOS, take a look at this iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak. It lets you see how many days are between specific dates and does everything else you’d expect a calendar to do.

Best Tube

Now you can search for music videos, create playlists and play music from YouTube while the app is working in the background, thanks to this iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tweak. Best Tube is available for free via ModMyi.

CustomNC iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tweak


If you’re looking for a tweak that enables you to get rid of certain parts of the iOS Notification Center, Custom NC can do that for you. So if you want to remove something like the Today view, go over to the BiggBoss Repo and get it free.

AppDye 2

Thanks to AppDye 2, you can now change not only the UI color of various apps but also the color of different elements of iOS itself. So if you’re into personalization, why not give this tweak a try. You can get it from the BiggBoss Repo for $1.99.

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