iOS 8 Launches, Inevitable Complaints Hit Twitter

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If, like me, you were to type iOS 8 into a Google News search today you will be immediately greeted by such news sources as Forbes and CNET praising the new features of iOS 8 and its enhanced privacy and security options at the top of that search. However, at closer inspection you’ll also find the expected complaints by those who have tried to upgrade their iPhones and iPads today.

iOS 8 too big?

By the way some have taken to Twitter you would think that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has created something on par with its horrible Maps it released in 2013. It hasn’t; but give someone a Twitter account and you can watch them “throw their toys out of the stroller.”

Now, I’m not suggesting that iOS 8 is perfect nor that Apple thinks it is. I am, however, quite certain that updates will be offered to fix these problems.

Chief among these complaints is the size of iOS 8 which requires about 5.8 GB of storage. While that is sizable, just move or delete some music or photos. Never mind the fact that a good deal of this space is given back to the user once the installation is complete, it’s apparently considerably easier to have a “moan up” on Twitter than it is to find this out for yourself. Apple didn’t make iOS big for big’s sake but rather brought a lot of features to the table. It’s not their fault that users have multiple (or even one) copies of the newest Katy Perry loaded into iTunes or hi-res pics of the inside of your pocket.

David Roberts tweeted, “This update would be great… If you didn’t have to delete half of the stuff on your phone just to install it.”

Look at this Muppet

But my favorite tweet came from Daniel Zennon. Some balding tool whose Twitter pic shows him with a sunburn, and waxed chest in a photo that clearly shows his vanity and love of his pectoral muscles.


While mildly humorous, wholly inaccurate. Apple put the U2 album on everyone’s iCloud but nobody’s devices.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was also forced to pull its HealthKit app do to bugs which brought further scrutiny. But my question is this, How can you complain about something you’ve never had not being there? It’s not as if they ruined it, it was never there in earlier versions of iOS. Simple.

David Price, online editor at Macworld UK, told the BBC the issues were not “really a surprise”.

“There’s always a rush on the servers on launch day, some delays, and usually some teething problems,” he said.

“That’s why we always recommend that people wait a day or two before updating.”

Finally, someone who is making sense. Today is just another one of those days that I wish people would go back to simply sharing their porn instead of their opinions. Thanks Twitter.

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