iOS 6.1 Bug Enables Hackers To Bypass iPhone Lock Code

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A new iOS 6.1 hack allows hackers to view and use your iPhone without your permission. The hack lets unauthorized users access your phone application, make phone calls, and listen to your voice mails.

iOS 6.1 Bug Enables Hackers To Bypass iPhone Lock Code

Recently, there was a video published on YouTube that showed users how to bypass the the passcode on iOS 6.1. In order to do the hack, users must nearly turn off the phone, then make an emergency call while pressing the power button. Since the YouTube video demonstrated how to do the hack step-by-step, CNET was able to recreate the hack.

Although the video was originally published in January, The Verge recently discovered the video today and it  has been flown into the spotlight.

It’s important to point out that although the video demonstrates a simple way to completely sidestep the passcode, CNET used a different and more sophisticated passcode option which, enables users to type in text.

This bug is just one of the many that come with the iOS 6.1 system. Earlier, there was an issue with excessive  logging problems  associated with the Exchange server. Then there were issues with 3G, which prompted UK phone carrier, Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ:VOD) (LON:VOD), to remind their customers not to update their smartphones until the problem is solved. Shortly after the update for iOS 6.1.1, Vodafone gave their customers the greenlight.

There was a similar hack-friendly bug a long time ago with iOS 2.0, which allowed hackers to access the phone by pressing the emergency call button on the lock screen before double-clicking the home button. This brings the hacker to your contacts screen where they can make phone calls or listen to voice mails. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fixed the problem with iOS 2.1,but the problem has happened for a second time with iOS 4.1.

It should be in a matter of days until Apple resolves this bug.

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