iOS 12 vs iOS 11 Speed Test: Which Apple Operating System Is Faster?

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iOS 12 is the newest hotly-anticipated operating system to hit the Apple ecosystem, but how does an iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test play out?

With the release of a new operating system, many are expecting far-reaching improvements and a myriad of new features. With iOS 12, Apple has implemented their new design philosophy focusing on quality and stability over quantity, but does that effort for a stable and more efficient operating system truly show during an iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test?

When a new operating system releases, there’s always the possibility that the ecosystem will move backwards in at least a few ways despite adding a number of significant improvements over its predecessor.

Testing carried out by Apple Insider suggests that the iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test does rule in the newer operating system’s favor, but that isn’t readily apparent when you first boot up the phone.

There’s a significant speed difference between iOS 11 and iOS 12 when it comes to turning on the device, which seems to spell trouble for iOS 12. But once the phone is on, it’s clear that the newest operating system comes out on top in an iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test.

Apple Insider tested a number of metrics, and a GPU test showed a distinct improvement of over 20 percent.

After getting some confirmation that the performance was a little faster, they moved on to testing a suite of apps.

“Moving on to our suite of apps, we started off with a variety of games. Fortnite launched slightly faster on iOS 12, but the difference isn’t that notable. Pokemon Go launched more than a second faster in iOS 12, while Vainglory improved its launch time by over two seconds.”

Outside of these notable speed increases for the various games examined in the iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test, the results for other apps – including native Apple applications – were either the same or slightly faster. Worth noting is that besides the slower launch speed, there were no clear metrics by which iOS 11 performed faster – making iOS 12 seem like the superior choice in almost every case.

With new operating system builds, it’s often true that the initial beta builds are actually a little slower than the previous system with more updates coming out over time that bring it up to speed. It’s refreshing to see that this is not the case when running an iOS 12 vs iOS 11 speed test, with the new operating system outperforming its predecessor right out of the box.

Overall, it’s looking like there’s no real reason to delay upgrading to iOS 12 once we see a full release (unless you’re looking to jailbreak, of course). We would advise, however, that you avoid upgrading to the beta unless you’re willing to deal with a slightly unstable release as Apple rolls out more builds and we make our way towards the final release.

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