iOS 11: What To Expect At Apple’s WWDC 2017

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Apple’s WWDC gets underway today, and with it, the Cupertino-based outfit is expected to announce updates to its popular software’s. Plus a possible string of hardware announcements is likely to grace the event. As for what’s most highly anticipated, that has to be iOS 11, the company’s latest update to the mobile OS. Here’s what we hope, and expect to appear in this year’s version.

iOS 11 At WWDC 2017

As alway’s, what you’re going to read below, is predominantly sourced via rumor and industry insider information. Apple itself has not yet confirmed or denied the existence of the OS, so please take the following with a pinch of salt.

Possible New Home Screen

Could the rumors of a customizable iOS 11 be correct? We sure hope they are, and start with the Home Screen. After 10-years of iPhone, it has remained relatively the same, square icons for apps arranged across the page. Not even the app dock at the bottom of the screen has changed, apart that is from being able to arrange them.

So, how could Apple change this? We expect it to adopt a more Android-like approach, meaning, you will be able to choose which apps appear on it. However, we don’t expect this to mean stock apps will be moveable, just those from third-party developers.

Will this happen? We don’t know, but iOS has become a little stagnant over the past few years, with users crying out for more. So, probably, it’s one of many routes Apple could take.

Files Explorer

Yesterday, Apple it appears mistakenly leaked information about an iOS 11 files explorer application. Thanks to 9to5Mac, the site which originally spotted and reported on this leak. Apple mistakenly published a placeholder for a files app on its App Store.

Unfortunately, as far as information about the app is concerned, there is almost none. Yes, it needs iOS 11 to run, however, as soon as it was spotted someone at Apple removed it. Additionally, there were no associated images uploaded for it or other media.

32-bit Apps No Longer Supported

Yes, you read the above correctly, it’s widely expected that iOS 11 will not support 32-bit apps. Which if you’re an owner of a non-bit bit iPad or iPhone means, that later today at WWDC some changes could be coming your way. What does this mean in practicality? It means that all of those developers who have resisted Apple’s pleas to make their apps 64-bit compatible are too late. Not only will the iPhone 8, if real not support them, but they will become obsolete.

Back in March, we reported that there were at total of 187,000 non-compatible apps which total 8% on the App Store. Apple has been warning developers that June 2017 was the deadline for compatibility since 2015.

Siri with a New Voice and Features

Back in 2011 when Siri first launched on the iPhone, it was an instant hit. However, over the years, she’s become a little neglected, especially where her voice is concerned. Now, though, rumors have been suggesting that Apple is working to improve the smartphone assistant. According to the most prominent rumors, Apple collaborating with a UK based team to give Siri a more human sounding voice.

Now, if you’re a Siri user, you may be wondering why just the voice? Well, we can tell you that, that’s probably not just it. Other rumors have indicated that Apple wants to showcase a much improved personal assistant at the WWDC. One that can take on the likes of Amazon, and Google. As for what this could mean, maybe better third-party integration, meaning you could order food. Maybe you could book a table at a restaurant, or even buy tickets. In fact, there’s the possibility of further HomeKit integration, so that a smart home can be controlled via Siri and iOS 11.

FaceTime Group Video Calls

When it comes to group video calls, iOS has always been behind the times compared to Android. However, 2017, could be the year that Apple does something about that. How? It could introduce a FaceTime group video calls feature, one that allows it compete with the likes of Skype and Google Hangouts.

As far as new features go, there’s very little information as to the validity of this one. However, considering many users were expecting it to make an appearance on iOS 10. It’s likely Apple will have decided not to disappoint two years in a row.

Peer-To-Peer Payments

Another feature which was widely tipped to make in on to last year’s iOS 10 features list was peer-to-peer payments. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and now it’s being reported that today at the WWDC, Apple will announce it. Reddit user, Cyanhat, recently leaked the news and suggested that this new payment system would be ready for iOS 11.

As for how this new payment system will be embedded into the OS, it’s thought that Apple Pay is the medium. Why does Apple want to include it? That’s because it foresees a near future cashless revolution, one that may come about with the iPhone 8. Another indicator of the coming of something new is the apparent redevelopment of the Wallet App. Apparently, it will be redesigned to include social features, which make it easier to send payments to friends.

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