iOS 11 Release Date: When Is It Coming And What To Expect?

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The iOS 11 release date is undoubtedly one of the most important issues for Apple followers. The mobile operating system is Apple’s most important software project, and will also provide the basis for watchOS, used by the Apple Watch. While the public beta version of the software has already been released, the final version of this critical program is still forthcoming. So when can we expect the commercial release of this software to occur?

Previous precedent

When considering the iOS 11 release date, it is important to note that iOS 10 was released on September 13, 2016. In common with previous versions of its mobile operating system, Apple has continually updated the iOS 10 operating system ever since, releasing its most recent tweak just days ago.

While it may be expected that Apple will essentially follow the release schedule from the previous generation with iOS 11, this may not necessarily be the case. There is still some debate over precisely when the iPhone 8 generation will appear, with some analysts suggesting that it could be held back for a later month than the usual September, despite such rivals as the OnePlus 5 gaining traction.

However, other analysts believe that there will be three iPhone models released in 2017, and that the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will hit the stores in September, regardless of the OLED iPhone 8. This would mean that the iOS 11 release date would probably come in September, with the upgraded devices still expected to use the latest version of the Apple operating system.

But recent reports have also suggested that Apple has been successful in sourcing the OLED displays required for the iPhone 8, and that this would result in the release of the smartphone being pushed forward to its usual slot. This would again that mean that the iOS 11 release date would be likely to be at some point in September.

Apple is expected to deliver a particularly strong version of its operating system in 2017, with iOS 11 required to deliver functionality for what is expected to be a revolutionary iPhone 8 release. Apple is planning to significantly redesign its flagship device in order to mark the tenth anniversary of its smartphone range. And this should lead to some outstanding new functionality to be included in the mobile operating system.

Siri updates

Aside from the iOS 11 release date, one of the topics that the Apple-following community has been particularly fixated with is the latest updates to Siri. This voice-driven personal assistant has inspired Samsung to offer its alternative in the shade of Bixby, but Siri is still considered to be considerably more feature-packed than any other program on the market.

But Apple is set to improve the software is still further in the iOS 11 generation, with aesthetic differences first on the agenda. Siri will be provided with a more natural-sounding voice when iOS 11 arrives on iDevices, while users will also be able to select female and male voice options.

Contextual learning will also be introduced to the software, with reports indicating that surfacing different word suggestions when news stories are read will form part of this software. Siri will be smarter and more user-friendly in its iOS 11 iteration.

Control Center

The software will also seriously revamp the Control Center that is such a central feature of the mobile operating system. This overhaul will see a nifty new design place quick controls at the center of the user experience, preventing the usual swiping between menus. System controls, app shortcuts and music control will all be combined, making this the most intuitive version of the iOS operating system thus far.

Lockscreen and notification center

Lockscreen notifications and Notification Center will collaborate significantly in the iOS 11 release, providing additional functionality to these common features. Swiping on the lockscreen will display notifications from earlier in the day, while also providing access to Notification Center from the lockscreen. This will make it easier for users to observe which alerts have been missed, and make the whole element of the operating system more worthwhile.

Apple Maps

Apple is still trying to close the gap on Google Maps with its Apple Maps system, and has certainly invested significant energy in this task in recent iOS generations. And the latest release will also deliver significant functionality, with Maps providing more intelligence on the road and far more interiors of buildings.

Lane assist and speed limits will appear in the next generation of Apple Maps, making the software for more useful for motorists. Additionally, the consumer electronics giant will provide detailed maps of hundreds of airports and shopping malls from all over the world; certainly a unique feature.


Apple has invested a significant amount of money and energy in ensuring that its music portfolio is up to scratch, and this process will be enhanced further still when iOS 11 is released. It has been reported that the latest mobile operating system from Apple will deliver multi-speaker controls, while the Apple Music software will also be tweaked significantly.

AirPlay 2 has also been updated, and even used to control multiple speakers via the Apple Home menu. Playlists have also been improved, allowing consultation and collaboration with friends, while Siri will interact with users providing music suggestions based on listening history.

Augmented reality

Perhaps the most important functionality likely to be included in iOS 11 is the augmented reality feature that has been such a talking point. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has already explicitly offered his support for this emerging technology, and it is widely anticipated that augmented reality will appear in the iPhone 8 generation.

This will deliver both security and gaming features, and is also likely to be a prominent and highly promoted aspect of the iOS 11 operating system.

It certainly seems as if there will be a lot of new features and functionality included in the next generation Apple operating system, and it will be interesting to see what the iOS 11 release date is, as the days tick down to the likely September release window.

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