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iOS 11 Lockscreen Concept Images Imagine What May Come

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With the inception of iOS 9 and then iOS 10, Apple has discovered that the lockscreen is an area for which there is much flexibility. As such it has had its UI designers tinker with it in an attempt to add new functionality. So much so, that now it is possible to access the Control Center, take a photo, record a video, and act on notifications. However, none of the above came about instantly, that process was a gradual one. A process that in fact continues to this day, one that will surely endow a future iOS 11 with additional lockscreen features.

iOS 11 Lockscreen Concepts

What will these additional features be? We’re afraid that is a secret being kept closely guarded by Apple. However, there are those out there who have an interest in what may be. One such person is Podcaster, Writer, and Designer Matt Birchler. He recently published a post which discussed how he see’s the evolution of the lockscreen would progress.

Sticking solely with iO 11, he not only shared his thoughts in writing but also created believable concept images to boot. Having seen his work, we have to tell you, that it’s remarkable, unlike other concepts, he’s stuck with reality. Instead, of pushing/hoping for some kind of miraculous changes Apple’s developers could not hope to deliver.

So, here they are….

iOS 11 weather
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me


Imagine this; iOS 11 is the first of the two major mobile operating systems to offer instant access to weather information. The fact that neither has done this previously is quite surprising. Why? Because it’s likely that along with the news and time, the weather is the first thing people check on their iPhones.

In fact, adding accurate user location conditions to the lockscreen is, without a doubt, something that is achievable and extremely possible.

iOS 11 notifications
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me


Do you find the way iOS 10 organizes notifications by time awkward? Matt Birchler does, and that’s why in the above iOS 11 concept he’s created a solution. Now, you may think this idea is similar to what is available to Android users, and you are right. In fact, Birchler makes it no secret that is what inspired him.

According to him, this solution will make it easier to manage/organize notifications. Which is an idea worth exploring seeing how many emails, social media, news and other notifications that can bombard users. Now, if Apple’s developers conduct this kind of alteration, it’s also likely that grouping and persistent notifications will get a refresh. In fact, Birchler believes they will appear depending on certain triggers like the time of day or location.

iOS 11 third party apps
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me

Third Part Apps on The Home Screen

Image this; you have three favorite apps all third-party applications so not developed by Apple. For example let’s say Facebook, Fox News, and Ebay. Now, almost every time you use your iPhone or iPad you make use of one of these apps. So, according to Birchler, it makes sense to have them appear on your Home Screen and be accessible from start up.

Now, Birchler thinks this will be a controversial idea among iOS users; however, we believe it’s worth doing. Why? Well to start with, isn’t the purpose of the operating system and therefore the device to assist you? Of course, it is, Apple has spent hundreds of millions of USD to develop it so why not offer users fast access to their most used apps?

Final Thoughts

Apple it is thought, has plans to announce iOS 11 at its WWDC 2017 KeyNote address in June. And as you would have thought, all eye’s are on the Cupertino-based outfit, eagerly awaiting for news on what the new OS will bring. So, if you can’t wait until September for some more iOS 11 information go to Birchler’s blog. While there you can view more concepts and listen to his podcasts. He certainly has a workable vision for the firmware and its next iteration.

Source and Concept Screenshots via birchtree.me

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