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iOS 11 Leak Reveals More Possible Features For Apple’s Next OS Update

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Over the past few months, we’ve been covering the rumors surrounding iOS 11 and what it may feature. However, now that Apple‘s WWDC is just a few weeks away and the OS update is likely to be previewed there. The rumors are beginning to come thick and fast, with one such rumor/leak coming via a Reddit user.

iOS 11 Fresh Leak

According to a recent leak from Redditor cyanhat, the next Apple OS update will come with the ability to auto place iPhones, iPads, and other iDevices into a low-power mode. This mode apparently, will spring to life when the battery life is detected to have fallen below 20%.

Additionally, cyanhat suggests, that he/she has information showing new iOS 11 features, not yet spoken about are on the way.

Workflow Inspired

It’s well-known that Apple recently purchased the work-flow Automator software Workflow, but, until now, we didn’t why. He suggests iOS 11 will come with features taken from it and incorporated into a newly OS updated workflow application. Called Automator, it will have deep iCloud and iOS 11 integration that allows for the use of an updated Siri.

OS Update Waves Goodbye To The Home App

In what would be a surprise move if true, cyanhat also claims that with iOS 11 the Home App will be no more. Apparently, Apple will replace its functionality with directly inside of the Automator app.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Apple Mac. It already has an Automator app, which is obviously the inspiration behind the new iOS 11 version. However, this new version will appear in a Mac OS update as well as iOS firmware.

Other Possibilities

A for other possible new iOS 11 features, cynanhat, has also pointed towards FaceTime audio calls becoming the default among iPhone users. Yes, the standard carrier feature will be available, but Apple wants its customers to use its own service.

Additionally, there could be an updated Wallet app, with an iMessage extension, this would allow the Pay app to send money via iMessage.

The problem with all of these rumors is, we can’t verify them, Apple as ever remains tight-lipped. So, there’s no way of knowing if they will appear on the OS update. So, we suggest you take everything you read until between June 5th and 9th with a pinch of salt.

If you’re a bit behind with your next generation firmware predictions, you can get yourself up to date. Just go and have a read of the following iOS 11 prediction articles, which include new video features, what we know so far, and concept images.

In the meantime, if you would like to share with us, what you’d like to see incorporated into iOS 11. Use the comments sections below.

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