iOS 11 Guide Being Pushed Out To Tips App On iPhone, iPad

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The wheels are turning on the Apple hype train. We are slowly chugging along to next week’s big iPhone X launch. Plus, there should be a few other goodies being revealed on stage including the Apple Watch Series 3 and the new 4K-ready Apple TV. If you’re an Apple fan, or even just a tech enthusiast in general, next week’s event will be a must-watch presentation. Now, there is another sign that Apple is gearing up for all of the big launches coming up.

The tech company has begun pushing out their iOS 11 guide using the built-in Tips app in iOS. Twitter user Brad Rowden pointed out the push notification from the app. If this isn’t a sign that the full public iOS 11 launch is imminent then I don’t know what is. It’s clear Apple wants to make sure that users are ready to go when iOS 11 updates are pushed out to devices everywhere.

Of course, a lot of people have already experienced iOS 11 through the iOS beta program but this newest development indicates that iOS 11 will be coming to the masses. Based on historic precedence set by Apple, the iOS 11 update should be pushed out shortly after the big launch event on Wednesday. This iOS 11 guide being pushed out to users now gives people the weekend and maybe a few extra days to catch up on some iOS 11 tips before they install the update on their device.

I am curious if Apple will release another beta update before the full public release or if they feel that iOS 11 is ready to go in its current form. Last week we had a surprise update pushed out for beta users just 3 days after the previous version was sent out. No real explanation was given but clearly Apple saw something in that beta version that necessitated an immediate update. Apparently they now feel like they are very close or already have a version of iOS 11 ready for public consumption.

We should get a very good look at iOS 11 next week during the big Apple event. Apple will want to show off all the newest features in iOS 11 alongside their brand new iPhone X. If you want to brush up on some of the hottest features coming to iOS devices, check out our list of the best iOS 11 features.

If you haven’t had the iOS 11 guide pushed to your device, we also have you covered. Brush up with our top iOS 11 tips and tricks so you’re ready to go for when iOS 11 is sent out to devices around the world.

Have you received the iOS 11 guide on your device yet or are you still waiting? That little notification is a sure sign that it’s officially launch season for Apple. Less than one week and we will have plenty of new products to drool over. Getting excited yet?

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