iOS 11 features that could make it to WWDC in June

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2017 is set to be a massive year for Apple, what with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone looming and iOS 11 coming in June. So with that theme, we thought we’d have a look at all the current rumors surrounding Apple’s next big firmware upgrade. And see what’s making the rumor mill and could eventually find its way to the WWDC in June.

iOS 11 Dark Mode

Talk is cheap, and Apple has been Talking about Dark Mode for some time now. However, it seems as though for iOS 11 it may actually happen. Why? Because Apple has been discussing with developers about how it can integrate the option into individual apps. One recent example of this was when the tech giant by accident revealed Dark Mode for the settings app. Shown in the iOS simulator, it was first highlighted by app developer Andrew Wilk.

Additionally, Wilk was able to male the clock turn to Dark Mode in iOS 10 way back in September 2016. And also discovered that the Messages app had a Dark Mode too.

Continuity Feature

If you’re a Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad owner your device has what is called a continuity feature. This feature enables you as a user to move seamlessly between devices, apps currently compatible are as follows: Calendar, Contacts, Keynotes, Mail, Maps, Numbers, Pages, Reminders, and Safari.

As for what is not currently compatible at the moment that is Apple Music, iTunes, and Podcasts. However, it’s being rumored that Apple is working on an update for iOS 10 to include Apple Music and iTunes.

Siri to get Natural Sounding Voice

The voice of Siri has hardly changed since it was first introduced back in 2011 as a Beta on the iPhone 4s. Now Apple has a team based in Cambridge UK, working to improve Siri. And that could mean iOS 11 see’s the first change to Siri’s voice, which could mean a more natural one.

Guest Mode

In the past, Apple introduced Managed Apple IDs for iPads used for educational purposes. This feature allowed educators to give access to multiple users, but retain privacy for each of them Additionally, MacOS has multiple user modes, which keeps each user’s data private from the next. However, this feature has never made it to the iPhone, so with iOS 11, Apple may include this on a limited scale. One that could potentially enable a guest to make a call or use the web.

Improved Voicemail Transcription

Back when Apple first introduced voicemail transcriptions, it was only considered to be a beta for iOS 10. Since then the feature has gone on to be used by millions worldwide who actually like it. One of the biggest plusses of the feature being that when someone asks you to call them on a certain number. The app translates that number into a clickable link, which saves time remembering or copying and pasting.

As a beta, no one knew for sure whether Apple would keep it or expand upon it. However, recent rumors point towards it getting improvements for iOS 11, exactly what they will be is pure speculation.

With regard to what else may find its way onto iOS 11, we’ll keep out eye out for new rumors and official statements. In the mean time, if you have any questions or want to let us know what you’d like to see Apple include. Please use the comments section below, and we will respond asap!

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