iOS 11 Concept Teases Design And Features Of Apple’s New OS

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Concept images have become so popular that we have now migrated beyond hardware to software concepts. Thus, a designer has created an impression of how he feels the iOS 11 operating system will appear when it emerges in the coming months.

Apple Music influence

Filipe Espósito is the name of the artist in question, and the Brazilian has similarly been inspired by the popular Apple Music application, while there is even a nod to Apple TV in his design. Another interesting aspect of this concept is the inclusion of a dark mode, which is something that fans of the Apple iPhone range have desired for quite some time.

The consensus of opinion is that this is the most convincing iOS 11 concept to emerge in 2017. Not only is the design pleasing, but the bold text included ensures that the user interface is particularly legible. It will be interesting to see whether Apple incorporates these ideas when it unveils iOS 11, with only a few weeks left until the Worldwide Developers Conference where it is expected to be unveiled.

iOS 11 Concept
Image source: iHelp BR

Critical update

This can be considered one of the most important software updates in the history of the Apple corporation, as 2017 should see the consumer electronics giant launch a particularly outstanding iPhone device. It is believed that Apple will significantly upgrade the iPhone concept in order to acknowledge the landmark tenth anniversary of the iPhone series. And the iPhone 8, as the next-generation smartphone could be branded, is also likely to incorporate OLED screen technology for the first time.

What this means for developers at Apple is a challenging remit for iOS 11, with the software expected to be particularly feature-packed. Possibly one of the most interesting aspects of the operating system will be the inclusion of new augmented reality technology. It is widely believed that Apple will make this a major selling point of the iPhone 8, after the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, indicated his support for the concept recently. Samsung, meanwhile, is expected to support virtual reality with its Galaxy Note 8 phablet, as the two great rivals head in different directions.

iOS 11 Concept
Image source: iHelp BR

iOS 11 – New features

Another interesting new feature expected for iOS 11 is the inclusion of group FaceTime capabilities for the first time. This should really be considered mandatory for Apple in order to ensure that its video service possesses the same functionality as Skype. Thus, multi-person calls should be available through a group conversation in iMessage in the iOS 11 iteration, with five people able to talk at once.

Major Siri updates will also be implemented with iOS 11, with contextual learning abilities and deeper integration with iMessage and iCloud predicted. Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has also indicated that there will be a new edition of Apple Music which will better showcase video, and the consumer electronics behemoth has already announced new content in order to accompany this software revamp.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on June 5 this year, and iOS 11 will be an undoubted focus, with the software expected to be compatible with all iDevices dating back to the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad.

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