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iOS 11 Home Screen Revamp Seen In Concept Images

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With the iPhone 8 expected to be the next great smartphone innovation from Apple. Many are wondering what this rumored to be game changing devices operating system will be like. Of course, there are accompanying rumors. However, while some just talk, others create concept images of what they think, and today we’re going to share some of the iOS 11 Home Screen.

iOS 11 Home Screen Concepts

You may remember, earlier this month we brought to you LockScreen concepts created by Matt Brichler. The designer, who recently published a post about how he see’s the evolution of the lockscreen progressing. Now, he’s turned his attention to the Home Screen, giving it his own taste of iOS 11 goodness.

Here’s what he envisions:

ios 11 home screen icon concept
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me

Home Screen Icons

Imagine having some control over how and where application icons are placed, sound exciting? Birchler believes that Apple’s current approach is too restrictive. He wants users to be able to place icons anywhere they like, which is currently only available to jailbreak users. This improvement would also coincide with the introduction of more advanced widgets. Ones, that could encompass more than just the Home screen, and possibly include Siri integration or showing more information.

ios 11 complications concept
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me

Apple Watch Complications

Having read his post, it seems as though Birchler is a little frustrated with Apple, why? Because he’s been waiting since 2015 for the Apple Watch’s Complications feature to reach iOS. Unfortunately for him, it’s now been two years, and we’ve heard nothing. However, rather than just moan about the matter, he’s created the above concept image.

In the image, it shows the complications in the same manner as they appear on the Apple Watch. But, this is his idea of how they would look on iOS 11. As you can see, they remain at the top of the screen with three examples showing. They are weather, activity, and stocks; each can be the same size. Or, one larger complication could appear at the top of the Home Screen. Rather than just having the Home Screen as a place to launch apps. Birchler, see’s iOS 11 transforming it into a place to discover real-time data.

iOS 11 notification badges
Image/Screenshot created by Matt Birchler/birchtree.me

Notification Badges

Finally, Birchler envisages a day when messaging, and social app icons will have more functionality. One such idea is no enable them to display when messages, pokes or some other form of contact takes place. He thinks the likes of Snapchat and Slack as seen in the above image could present the number of unread messages. As well, as indicate what type of contact has is made, such as image, video, and text.

Now, guaranteed, this would not give Apple developers much space to work within. However, he trusts their creativity, to be able to incorporate something like this iOS 11 concepts for real.

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