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iOS 11 Beta 5 release date: when to expect?

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The iOS 11 beta 4 was released on July 24th and many people have already gone ahead and installed the latest build of iOS. However, some people may be holding out for a more finalized build. Of course, the public release shouldn’t be too far away. We usually see new versions of iOS publicly release around the same time as Apple’s new iPhone which tends to be in September. With at least a month away until the public release of iOS 11, there will likely be a few more beta releases as Apple works out some final bugs.

When is iOS 11 beta 5 releasing?

So, when is the iOS 11 beta 5 release date? Looking at Apple’s usual beta release schedule we can see that a new version drops every 2 weeks – give or take a couple days. If that schedule holds up then we will likely see the iOS 11 beta 5 release date fall on August 7th. Again, give or take a couple days.

iOS 11 beta 4 features

Of course, if you want a taste of iOS 11 now, you don’t have wait for the iOS 11 beta 5. iOS 11 beta 4 has been said to be very stable and most of the major features in iOS 11 are already working great in the latest beta. Our guide on how to download and install the iOS 11 beta 4 is here. There likely won’t be much change in iOS 11 as we get closer to launch. These beta releases are more for sorting out any final bugs rather than introducing new features. If you haven’t had the chance to experience iOS 11 yet, here are some new features that people are talking about:

  • Storage Improvements – The compression used for photos and videos has been improved in iOS 11. This means that users can store an estimated 50% more photos and videos on their iPhone. That should be welcome news for those who always find themselves deleting photos to free up space.
  • Overhauled App Store – The App Store has been given a much-needed face lift. After all, what is an iPhone without the apps that make it great? Now, users will be able to discover new apps more easily. Games and apps are also separate to help people differentiate and discover apps that are relevant to how they use their device.
  • Files – Files is a standalone app that acts as the iOS file manager system. Finally, iPhone users will have a proper file management app that allows them to manage and view their stored files. This one has been a long time coming and should be great news to those that use iPhones.
  • Control Center Customization – Control Center has been one of the improvements that made iOS feel a lot more intuitive. Now, in iOS 11, Control Center has been made even more useful with customization options. Users can display the apps and toggles that they use most in Control Center. New, compatible apps can also be added to Control Center, like the new screen recording functionality, for example. Open Control Center, tap screen recording to start, and that’s it! Handy, right?
  • Improved Apple Maps –  Apple Maps has been improved to make it a much more handy friend to have while traveling. Now, Apple Maps can give you a heads up when to change lanes in order to be ready for your next exit. Also, Apple Maps will provide warnings about the posted speed limit so there’s never any confusion if you’re driving in an unfamiliar area. As well, there will be indoor maps for some places like malls and airports.
  • Smarter Siri – Siri has a few new tricks up her sleeve in iOS 11. She can now translate phrases, much like what we see in Google Assistant. You can also type to ask Siri a question. Perfect for getting the answer you need in a loud location. As well, users will notice that Siri’s voice has changed a bit. She sound more natural now.

That’s just an introduction to everything that iOS 11 has to offer. The iOS 11 beta 5 release date shouldn’t be too far away now. Of course, if you can’t wait for that, the iOS 11 beta 4 has already dropped and is ready to download and install. Are you already upgraded to the latest build or are you holding off a little longer? Let us know!

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