iOS 11 Beta 2 Features And Improvements For iPhone And iPad

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The 2nd iOS 11 Beta was launched a couple of days ago, aimed at improving upon the first and taking the next step. As such the general consensus is that, the OS is now working a lot smoother than before; however that’s not all. As there are many iOS 11 Beta 2 features, which have received a polish, plus some new one added to the mix. So, in this article, we will discuss what we think are the most significant and list them in their entirety.

iOS 11 Beta 2 Features

Now, if you’re a signatory to the Apple developer program, you will have no doubt already tested out this new OS. However, if you’re new to the program and have no experience with Beta versions of iOS, here’s a link to our guide. It will help you download and then install the Beta, in a matter of minutes on iPhone or iPad.

As for the iOS 11 Beta 2 Features, here’s our breakdown of what is important, some of which are not on Apple’s changelog.

Adjust Idle Opacity For AssistiveTouch

Idle Opacity is a new feature in iOS 11, and one that significantly improves Assistive Touch. When not in use, you can now visibility alter the opacity of Assistive Touch by moving a slider. This allows you to increase or decrease its visibility and comes with some shortcut functions.

Disable Frequent Apps In iPad Dock

The first of the iOS 11 Beta 2 features, is a welcome change for iPad users. There’s now a new option to turn off the recently added feature in the Dock. What this means is as an iPad user, you can now choose only to see apps added to the Dock, instead of also having to see frequently used apps.

Of course, if you want to make a change to this, Apple has also made that possible. Just go to Settings >> General >> Multitasking to do so.

Disable Control Center In Apps

Three cheers for Apple, at last, the Control Center has been given some extra attention! As a user, you now have the ability to disable its ability to call it from within some apps. Unfortunately, for some, it does mean that this quick access widget is still accessible via the Home Screen. But, we doubt Apple was actually trying to make it less available in the first place.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This newest of iOS 11 Beta features aims to save yours and others lives. So, if you have ever felt tempted to use an iPhone while driving, Apple is seriously looking out for you, it’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature switches off alerts, incoming messages and more. You could almost think of it as like an AirPlane mode for the car.

Why is this important? Distracted drivers according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation account for the following.

  • 10-percent of fatal crashes
  • 15-percent of crashes where serious injuries occured
  • 14-percent of police-reported traffic indicidents

Hindi Dictation

Siri is among some of the iOS 11 Beta 2 features to get an update; it has received Hindi dictation support. What does that mean? Users can now have three keyboards for Hindi, Hinglish (A blend of Hindi and English), and Hindi transliteration.

Notification Center Blur Effect

It’s not new, but it has had an update, now when you swipe down to call the notification center, you will see a blur effect. You will also be able to see it when you dismiss the notifications.

Options For Safari Tab Button

New options when you press and hold the Safari tabs button have also been included. Now, you will be able to choose from Close This Tab, New Private Tab, Close All 3 Tabs, and New Tab.

And there you have them, eight iOS 11 Beta 2 features that we think stand out amongst the rest. As for what else is new, here’s a list of the 27 known about so far.

27 iOS 11 Beta 2 Features and Improvements

  1. You can now remove the recents section of the Dock on iPad
  2. New Flyover features in Apple Maps
  3. Indoor Maps for Apple Maps
  4. Share Screenshots directly
  5. Press for Siri’ toggle now relocated to Settings ? Siri
  6. One-handed Keyboard preferences
  7. Boulder Date on Calendar app icon
  8. New Safari settings for Experimental Features
  9. New long press tab options
  10. Landscape Safari tab interface on smaller devices
  11. Control Center Music widget now shows playback source
  12. Do Not Disturb While Driving Control
  13. New DND While Driving preferences in Settings ? DND
  14. DND While Driving ‘Urgent’ feature
  15. No text feedback when using Siri while DND While Driving enabled
  16. Frequent Locations are now ‘Significant Locations’
  17. Messages on iCloud now sync
  18. Files app legacy document providers listed
  19. New UITableView system gesture, quickly enter edit mode
  20. Echo Messages app animation features orange colored bubbles
  21. Apple Music search results updated
  22. Edit photos button replaces Details button
  23. Save to Files option in Share Sheet
  24. Drag and drop multiple items in the Photos app
  25. Access within apps via in CC settings
  26. AirPlay button on lock screen controls
  27. Scan QR Codes toggle in Camera preferences

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