iOS 11.2.5 Update: What Is Apple Expected To Release?

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The release of the iOS 11.2.5 update is a mystery. We don’t know much about features, and the decision to jump directly from iOS 11.2.1 to 11.2.5 is bizarre and out of character for the tech company. Jumping four potential releases at once seems to indicate that we may see quite a lot out of the iOS 11.2.5 update, and a revamped and improved operating system may be just the positive press that Apple so desperately needs.

A Public Relations Fiasco

As a quick refresher on where Apple has found itself in the past couple of weeks, it’s important to note that the company is dealing with some pretty major backlash from consumers around the world. Ever since the iPhone 6, Google searchers for “slow iPhone” have spiked right around the release of a new operating system. Recently, Apple has finally confirmed that they are slowing down older iPhones – purportedly in order to protect the aging battery.

While it’s definitely a possibility that a less reliable battery necessitates a system slow down, a lot of the problems Apple is currently dealing with are related to the lack of transparency when it comes to practices like an iPhone slow down that significantly impact the user experience. Apple has since issued an apology article and slashed the price of the iPhone battery replacement from $79 to $29, making it far cheaper to replace your battery and get your device back to tip-top-shape.

Despite this gesture of goodwill, however, many people are skeptical of whether Apple will continue to be more open and straightforward regarding their practices. The company has promised more notification regarding major decisions such as an iPhone slow down with subsequent operating system updates. Whether a jump up to an iOS 11.2.5 update will be the first instance of a more transparent operating system from tech giant remains to be seen.

What Needs To Be Fixed

Apple has a big opportunity with an iOS 11.2.5 update to provide a big jump in functionality, as well as perhaps address some of the issues users have been complaining about with the slowdown.

The company’s answer to slower phones has been to reduce the cost of battery replacement, but there are definitely steps they can take in order to reduce the negative effects of a slowdown and help make a slower phone a little bit more palatable. Perhaps one option would be to allow people to continue at full power after a warning, rather than force a slowdown on unwilling customers.

It’s understandable that Apple would take steps to make sure that phones don’t shut down or crash randomly, but many people are convinced that the iPhone slow down is a ploy to get more people to update to the latest and greatest device. While the iPhone X has seen massive sales – particularly in the United States – Apple is always looking to continually grow sales with their yearly releases.

Apple has lost their customers’ trust after the reveal of the shady slowdown. Hopefully in the iOS 11.2.5 update, they take some major steps to address the major problems introduced by the slowdown. These issues include:

  • Slower app launching
  • Lower frame rates during regular phone use
  • Dimming of the backlight (although this can be overridden in Control Center)
  • A lowered speaker volume
  • Frame rate reduction in a variety of apps
  • In extreme cases, the camera flash will be completely disabled
  • Background apps will require a refresh after launch.

The fact that the slowdown can basically make your camera unable to take pictures in low light conditions is more than just a minor reduction in functionality. Losing some volume on your phone is also significant, and can be a major problem for those of us who are hard of hearing.

While we don’t know what to expect from an iOS 11.2.5 update, the fact remains that Apple truly needs a win in the eye of the public. The iOS 11.2.5 update should be the start of a new era of transparency and customer service for Apple, with better technology and better support that will keep our phones healthier and lasting longer. If the jump from 11.2.1 to an iOS 11.2.5 update is any indication, we could see a release that is far larger than normal. Until the full release, all we can do is remain hopeful that Apple will change their ways.

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