iOS 10 Vs. Android Nougat: Next-Gen Mobile OS Comparison

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This year has been a relatively significant year in the world of mobile technology, what with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7, plus Apple with its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets. But let’s not forget the software these devices operate on. Both have received updates in the form of iOS 10 and Android Nougat, so today I am going to take a look at how they compare.

iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat: user interface

Many a critic has openly lambasted both iOS and Android for what they see as a coming together regarding design aesthetics. However, in iOS 10 and Android Nougat, the speed at which that has been moving seems to have slowed. In fact, it looks as though both operating systems have taken slightly different approaches to get similar results.

For example, in Android Nougat, it is evident that notifications have been redesigned. Now they span the width of the screen and also have minimalized borders, which make them easier to read. Also there are new smaller fonts, plus they can be organized based on app.

With iOS 10, it is evident to see that Apple has taken design ideas from Android. With this latest firmware, you now get widgets on your Home screen. However, iOS 10 uses them in an entirely different way. One significant change with iOS 10 is that due to 3D Touch, pressing down on an app will cause its widget to appear. This allows iOS users to gain home screen widgets but also enables them to remain out of sight.

iOS 10 Stickers for iMessage
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iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat: messaging

As it currently stands, apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat dominate the world of mobile messaging. Now with new features in iOS 10 and Android Nougat, neither Apple nor Google is happy to let that continue.

Apple has tweaked its iMessage app in iOS 10. Now you can add emojis, icons, animations and handwritten messages to your message threads. More interestingly, iMessage will also be able to use third-party apps. It’s thought that this will enable a user to share different types of content without having to open other apps. Also there’s the possibility of being able to order food and make personal payments from within the app.

With Android Nougat, Google has decided to take a more low-key approach. However, what it’s done could be game-changing. Google will introduce a new messaging app called Allo, which will use search and its machine learning tech. In my opinion, Allo is an exciting, huge leap in technology for messaging. If it works as Google hopes, it could mean the use of one app for messaging, ordering food and web searching, plus the app will learn about you over time and suggest replies based on messages that you have sent.

iOS 10 Vs. Android Nougat: Next-Gen Mobile OS Comparison
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iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat: personal assistant

Apple was the first of the two tech giants to introduce an assistant in the form of Siri. However, the Google Now assistant has surpassed Siri in sophistication and its open nature.

In iOS 10, it yet again feels like Apple is lagging behind Google. At last, Siri has been opened up to third-party app developers, so you will be able to access non-Apple apps. For example, you could now ask Siri to order an Uber ride or send a WhatApp message.

Android Nougat has received an updated version of Google Now. However, Google seems to have put more emphasis on improving Google Now outside of the OS. So what’s new is that you can now use Google Now to get Allo to pull up photos and make reply recommendations.

iOS 10 vs. Android Nougat: conclusion

While this is not an overbearingly long-winded comparison of the iOS 10 and Android Nougat operating systems, it is clear to see that what users want in both mobile operating systems is quite similar. And while Apple and Google may have traveled along slightly different paths to get there, it’s evident that convergence is happening.

Both iOS 10 and Android Nougat promise exciting and overlapping new features. But if I had to choose, I would say Google is taking the more ambitious approach.

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