Is iOS 10 Releasing On September 30?

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Apple will reportedly take the wraps off the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at a special event on September 7. Wireless carrier leaks suggest that the devices will hit the store shelves on September 23. The new iOS 10 update should be rolled out to the public sometime between these two dates, given the new iPhones will run iOS 10 right out of the box. However, the popular singer and songwriter Barbra Streisand has dropped a big hint that the new OS might arrive on September 30.

Siri will start pronouncing her name correctly from Sept.30

In an interview with NPR, Streisand talked about how Siri had been pronouncing her name wrong all the time. The voice assistant makes a ‘Z’ sound in the middle of “Streisand.” The star told NPR that it should be pronounced with a “soft ‘s’ like sand on the beach.” If a regular person experienced this issue, they would probably hit the social media or Apple’s support forum to complain about it.

Being the star that Barbra is, she directly contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook and asked him to get the issue fixed. Cook obliged, telling her that the fix will be rolled out “with the next update on September 30.” Given the rumored release date and rollout of new iPhones, September 30 seems a bit too late. It’s possible that Cook suggested a patch – probably iOS 10.0.1 – will be ready by September 30.

What’s new in iOS 10?

Going by the rumors, the September 30 release date for the iOS 10 looks unlikely. Maybe the singer misheard Tim Cook? Anyway, we can expect Siri to start pronouncing her name correctly by the end of the next month. The iOS 10 will bring along a variety of new features including improvements to the iMessage, Maps, Apple Music, and the Photos app.

The new OS will also enable third-party Siri integration. The iOS 10 will have about 100 new emojis to promote LGBT rights and represent professional women better.


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