iOS 10: A Look At Rumors Before WWDC 2016

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For Apple there are two huge events about to take place, the first being its WWDC developer conference starting on the 13th of this month and ending on the 17th. And then there’s arguably an even more important event taking place …iOS is turning 10 years old and to celebrate Apple is going to launch iOS 10 and hopefully iron out some of the kinks found in iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2.

iOS 10: A Look At Rumors Before WWDC 2016

What will iOS 10 Offer you?

I and my Valuewalk colleagues have been keeping you up to date with all the news surrounding iOS 10 for the last few months, but with WWDC 2016 just around the corner it is time I put together the definitive pre-developers conference iOS 10 guide.

So if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, or have just come back from a month in Siberia. Here’s everything you need to know about what Apple’s soon to be launched mobile OS could offer you!

Apple Music Redesign

Having written about this redesign previously, it is still a little unclear to me as to why Apple is going through with it in iOS 10. Don’t get me wrong the reasons that have been rumored, like better integration with its download services and its need for an improved UI are both valid reasons. But my concern is whether they are customer focused improvements or ones just aimed at better monetizing the platform.

iOS 10: A Look At Rumors Before WWDC 2016

Hide Horrible Stock Apps

One of the features that iPhone and iPad owners have long complained about not having is the ability to hide stock iOS apps. We’ll with iOS 10 it looks as though this feature will finally officially take its place. What this means for iOS users is that, they will have the ability to hide what are called first-party apps. These apps will be able to be hidden from the home screen, but it’s likely that Apple will be selective with what apps can be hidden.

Apple Pay and Safari Integration

Even with the success Apple has seen with its Apple Pay service it is still limited compared to other fully fledged payment services. As it stands Apple Pay is not available over the internet, however according to sources, Apple is working on integrating its mobile payment service into the Safari browser on both iPhone and iPads which run on iOS 10.

This will be a huge step for Apple as it will effectively allow users to pay for goods and services with Apple Pay on mobile websites with Touch ID. In a related but less detailed rumor Apple Pay may find its way on to MacBook’s and Apple desktop computers.

Photo App Improvements

As standard photos have replaced iPhoto, some users have been extremely vocal about the limitations found in the former when compared to the latter. Rumors are suggesting that with iOS 10 Apple could be about to bridge the gap, with new features that would put the photos app for iOS 10 back on par with iPhoto 9.6.1.

iOS 10: A Look At Rumors Before WWDC 2016

Siri to become Smarter

Apple has been working on its virtual assistant for some time now, trying to improve its intelligence and language recognition. Apparently Apple wants to make Siri seem like an omnipresent AI and feature across all of Apple’s device ecosystem.

Up until what could be very soon only a few apps have been able to work closely with Siri. But with iOS 10 Apple aims to change this, by offering developers a software development kit. This would allow more apps to be closely integrated and be able to perform advanced functions with Siri as seen with apps like Yelp and OpenTable.

A Rootless Security System

It looks as though the days of being able to jailbreak iOS could be nearly over, as its being rumored that Apple is developing a way to make iOS 10 and future updates impossible to hack / jailbreak. In a recent article Know Your Mobile talked about how Apple had already developed at security system that would prevent any jailbreak attempts.If correct this would mean that iOS 10 would be able to prevent users with administrator-level access from changing parts of the system.

iCloud Voicemail

In another report this time by Business insider, it claims that Apple employees have been testing a new voicemail service set to launch with iOS 10. This new service will use Siri to answer incoming calls and have the virtual assistant transcribe voicemail. Once transcribed Siri will turn this into a text message and send it to a user.

How Long Until iOS 10 is Launched

So that’s the exciting and definitive iOS 10 guide complete, but if you’re wondering when you can get your hands on this new piece of Apple software. You will have to wait until this coming Monday the 13th of June. When it is likely that Apple will announce a developer preview for iOS 10 at WWDC 2016.

All you have to do know is be patient and stay tuned for our WWDC updates and more about iOS 10.

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