iOS 10 Jailbreak Could Be Here By Christmas, Thanks To Pangu

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Right now there is no working iOS 10 jailbreak, although there have been many who have tweeted about it or published a video. But nothing so far has freed iPhone and iPad users from their Apple shackles. However, it seems the Pangu team that delivered a working iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak could soon come to the rescue. Jailbreak fans may not have that long to wait, as December is being touted as when it will be released.

iOS 10 jailbreak: what we know

If you love to jailbreak your iPhone or other Apple devices, a Christmas iOS 10 jailbreak could be just the present you’ve been waiting for. After all, we become accustomed to seeing tweets and videos of solutions, only for their creators not to share. So either these possible solutions are hoaxes, or Apple is paying the hacker/security analysts to discover cracks in its code.

Whatever the reason for their failure, it’s good to know that the Pangu team is working to solve the problem. However, there remain a few unanswered questions regarding the timing of the iOS 10 jailbreak’s release.

Why wait for Christmas / iOS 10.2 release?

According to those who are talking about this possible jailbreak, the Pangu team will wait for December and for Apple to release iOS 10.2. One reason for this delay could be that the Chinese team wants to make sure Apple can’t add new fixes. It apparently thinks that holding off until 10.2 is released will give Apple no time to make any changes. It is something that most jailbreakers are aware of and something that Neurogadget has reported on.

Previously, the Pangu team showed a iOS 10 jailbreak which was an early beta at MOSET 2016. But what’s surprising about this lack of a hacked iOS 10 is that it’s been one of the buggiest firmware ever, and many jailbreak fans can’t quite understand why there is a delay in producing one.

Could Luca Tedesco help?

Earlier this month, the Italian hacker Luca Tedesco announced that he had created a iOS 10 jailbreak. To prove this to his legion of fans, he took to Twitter on November 5 to announce it:

“Updated my stuff, so it works on 10.1.1 too now,” he wrote with a picture of his iPhone.

Soon after, many of his followers urged him to help the Pangu team defeat Apple and create a public iOS 10 jailbreak, but it’s highly unlikely he will help the Pangu team. It could be that he prefers to work alone because he’s shown images/videos of previous firmware iOS 10 jailbreaks in the past.

What to believe

As far as the Pangu team is concerned, this iOS 10 jailbreak information is a leak. Right now, the team prefers to remain quiet and wait for iOS 10.2, but there others who might be working on a jailbreak. A recent video released by Saurik, the jailbreak community guru, has been widely dismissed. Even the creator of Cydia has not publicly proven if his work can lead to an actual jailbreak.

So our best hope is with Pangu, if this leak is accurate. This could mean that as soon as 10.2 is publicly available, we will have an iOS 10 jailbreak.

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