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iOS 10 Most Wanted Features: A Peak At What Could Be Unveiled At WWDC

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With Apple’s WWDC just a few days away, the mobile tech world is a buzz with rumors and speculation about the upcoming iOS 10 announcement. Tech journalists, bloggers and random people from all over the world are caught up in what can only be described as iOS fever! Personally, I enjoy reading what people are saying and imagining Apple could be about to provide us with. As not only does it make for interesting reading, but it also can give some real insight into what new features software like iOS 10 may bring with it.

iOS 10 Most Wanted Features: A Peak At What Could Be Unveiled At WWDC

iOS 10 Most Wanted Features

Having been writing and reading about iOS 10 for weeks now, I feel it is time to write about what I consider to be the definitive feature list. I’ve drawn the following features from the thousands of articles and blogs I’ve read and chosen the ones that appear to be the most constantly appearing.

Deleted Apps Folder

It seems as though many iOS users would love to have the ability to reinstall deleted apps. To do this Apple would have to enable a deleted app to be stored within a folder for easy access and re-installation at a later date.

Lockscreen Widgets

Taking an idea from Android does not seem to be as taboo as it once was. As many iOS users have been crying out for better lockscreen functionality for sometime. So, it seems that the inclusion of widgets within the lockscreen could be about to become a real thing with iOS 10. Widgets to start of with could include some form of a clock, for which alarms could be set. Also widgets could take the form of a notifications area, with emails and the latest text messages residing there.

Personalized Notifications

I have written about this previously however, (fingers crossed) some recent insider leaks suggest that this could be a real feature of iOS 10. And if that is the case, it would mean that a user would be able to assign colors to each app. Which would allow them to recognize an app more quickly.

Delete Stock Apps

This has probably been one of the most talked about “WANTED” iOS 10 wished for features that I’ve seen! If Apple were to include this in the new OS, it would mean that a user would no longer be forced to keep an unwanted app on their homescreen. However, I doubt it would be a true deletion, more likely Apple would allow the movement of unwanted apps into a folder. Similar to the deleted apps folder I mentioned earlier!

Multi-tasking App Switcher

Does iOS need a more streamlined approach, to the way it currently handles multi-tasking? Well, if the rumors are to be believed Apple does, and will solve what it sees as an issue by allowing a user to easily close all open apps with a single swipe of a finger.

View Favourites in Contacts App

If you’re an iPhone user, then you know that as it currently stands there is no way to view and edit favourites in the contacts app. If Apple was to enable this within iOS 10, it would mean a greater level of management will be enabled to control contacts.

Final Thoughts

If it is new features you want with iOS 10, Apple will surely deliver them! As to what exactly they will be can only be a guess. But, with WWDC being only a few days away the wait is nearly over and we will be able to finally discover if any of the rumors we’ve been reading about are true.

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