iOS 10 Concept: A look into the Future of iOS

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It’s the current conversation starter of every iOS lover and detractor out there at the moment, and across the wider tech universe too. And just as there are with handsets, iOS 10 is getting its own concept ideas thrown around different tech sites, and forums all over the internet. Literally millions of Apple fans all over the world are whipping themselves up into a heady state of euphoria over iOS 10. These fans are selflessly predicting, new concept features that the latest version of Apples OS may have.

iOS 10 Concept iDeas

So here we go, I’m going to share with you 11 iOS 10 concept ideas. These are an amalgamation of ideas I’ve seen across the web. Ideas that could be more likely to make it too the first release version of iOS 10.

Apps to get a special deleted folder

Imagine if every app you ever deleted could be quickly restored, it would save a lot of time rather than downloading and re-installing! So, what if iOS 10 had a folder, which could be used to store all deleted apps. Then re-installing any you choose to delete would be simple!

Change Video Resolution in the Camera app

This would be a really useful iOS 10 improvement. I’d like to see an option to change the video resolution of the camera app. But, not in the settings app, in the actual camera settings. This would remove the awkwardness of having to exit the camera app and instead save time!

Night/Dark Mode

Accessibility is a huge topic for iPhone users, and as such the ability to change the background color, or the color of text would be an extremely important move. This would be something that would seriously increase the legibility of text for iOS 10 users.

Turn on / off Wi-Fi Automatically

Another great option would be to have Wi-Fi automatically switch on or off. This would depend on if there is a recognised network available. For example, you visit a friends and the Wi-Fi recognizes that it has been there before and connects. Also in the opposite direction, when you leave that friends house, the Wi-Fi is automatically switched off.

The addition of this option would be great for iOS 10, as it would be one of the better Apple operating systems at conserving battery life.

More Personalized Notifications

To enable a user to recognize instantly what app is sending notifications, the ability to assign each one different colors would be useful!

Lockscreen Widgets

This idea comes straight from Android, but it’s a good one. iOS 10 would be greatly improved with the inclusion of lockscreen widgets and notifications. These could come in the form of a clock, with the ability to set an alarm, and also all the latest emails and social media interactions.

An Improved Swipe Down Function

Swiping down on an app in iOS 10 could become more productive. This update would enable a user to swipe down on an app to display the first 30 characters of a message. Or give the user the ability to update the app without having to run it.

Control Centre Customization

The control centre has probably always been the most overlooked part of the OS, and could do with some updating. The ability to customize it, could lead to a better user understanding of its features. Due to the ability to easily access customizable toggles, without having to navigate to the settings app.

New Multi-Tasking Mode – App Switcher

iOS 10 could come with a new multi-tasking mode. One that would allow a user to easily quit all open apps with a single swipe. If you currently use app switcher to do this, then you know that iOS needs a more streamlined approach.

View Favourites in Contact App

At the moment there is no option, that will allow you to view and edit favourites in the contact app. The ability to do so would allow a user to easily manage their personal contacts better.

Delete Stock Apps

Some people regard the ability to delete stock apps to be far-fetched however, I don’t agree. I personally think it would be a great edition, and the ability to delete you don’t want would be great for iOS 10.

Do you have an iOS 10 wish list or concept ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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