iOS 10 Adoption Skyrockets To 79%, Shows App Store Data

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Apple’s iOS 10 has been available for five months. Since its release in September 2016, the mobile operating system has been installed on 79% of the active devices, according to Apple’s latest adoption data. The iPhone maker updates the number of active devices on the latest version of iOS based on App Store data. While the iOS 10 runs 79% of active iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices, the iOS 9 is still installed on 16% of active devices.

iOS 10 sees faster adoption than iOS 9

As of February 20, the remaining 5% are running earlier versions. Many of the users sticking to older iOS versions are believed to be using iPhones and iPads that are not compatible with iOS 10, such as the iPhone 4S. The latest data shows that the iOS 10 witnessed faster adoption than the iOS 9 over the same period. At the end of five months, the iOS 9 was installed on 77% of active devices.

iOS 10 Adoption
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By comparison, the iOS 8 had taken six months to reach 79%. Apple did not elaborate on the reason for the iOS 10’s strong performance. It could partially be attributed to the record sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that come with the iOS 10 pre-installed. Exciting features may also have enticed the existing iPhone and iPad users to update to the new software.

Android adoption pales in comparison to iOS

The iOS 10 comes with several new features and improvements such as a revamped Messages app, a dedicated Home app, an overhauled notification system, and Siri improvements. Apple’s tight control over its software and hardware gives it a distinct advantage over Android. While iOS updates have consistently seen higher adoption rates, the same cannot be said about Google’s Android versions.

For instance, the Android Nougat was released six months ago, but it sits only on 1.2% of active Android devices. That’s mainly because Android updates are pushed out by dozens of different manufacturers as and when they want. Android Lollipop still powers 32.9% of active Android phones and tablets.

iOS 10.3 may fuel adoption

Apple recently pushed out the third beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. The iOS 10.3 should further fuel adoption as it would bring many new features. “Find My AirPods” is the biggest feature of 10.3. It helps you locate a lost AirPod by recording its last known location when it was connected to an iOS device. The feature also makes the lost AirPod play a sound.

The iOS 10.3 gives developers the ability to respond to App Store customer reviews. Apple is also switching to a new file system called Apple File System (APFS), which comes with strong encryption and is optimized for SSD/flash storage. Users will also be able to label the App Store reviews as Helpful or Not Helpful. The iOS 10.3 is said to be the last major update before the iOS 11 launch.

The Cupertino company is expected to release the next-gen iOS 11 at this year’s WWDC event in June.

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