iOS 10 Concept Video Shows Control Center With 3D Touch

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Excitement is growing over iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s operating system which is expected to make its first appearance this summer.

Assuming that the company follows its usual schedule, iOS 10 will be announced at WWDC in the summer before being released to the public this fall. Tech fans have taken to discussing which features they would like to see on the new operating system, writes Arnold Kim for MacRumors.

Concept video shows imagined features of new operating system

Among the most popular requests is a greater degree of customization for the control center. Now visual designer and animator Sam Beckett has shown off a new video which features his ideas for how the new control center should appear in iOS 10.

Beckett’s concept features the use of 3D Touch and customizable widgets. 3D Touch is used to provide different options per button, and a long press is used to move buttons around. Beckett also shows an edit feature to replace buttons, as well as a dark mode.

There have been no official announcements from Apple about iOS 10. However the company will release iOS 9.3 in spring.

Apple fans looking for improvement in iOS 10

The Cupertino-based company comes in for regular criticism from even the most ardent fans because of the Control Center. It’s seen as fiddly, offering limited options, and doesn’t live up to the high standards of design found across other aspects of iOS.

By contrast the stock control bar on the rival Android operating system offers a simplicity and functionality that have impressed users. While the specific design depends on individual smartphone manufacturers, the standard Android design offers quick keys for WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and a torch.

In 2013 Apple actually bettered Android in 2013 when it released its iOS 7 update, but since then Apple has fallen behind. Nowadays the lack of customization and limited functionality means that the pendulum has swing back in favor of Android.

If Apple takes Beckett’s proposed changes on board for iOS 10 we could have a lot of happy Apple fans on our hands. Compared to rumored new products or hardware innovations the control panel may seem like a minor issue, but it affects the everyday use of Apple products.

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