Intel Corporation Tech Zones Coming To 50 Best Buy Stores

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Technology Experience Zones will be opening in 50 Best Buy stores in major U.S. markets, according to a press release from the chip maker. Recently, the chip maker and the leading consumer electronics retailing company signed a deal to showcase and introduce some incredible augmented reality and 3-D printing that is still not known to many.

Should appeal to customers

These Intel experience zones measure around 240-square foot, and will be staffed by specially trained Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) sales associates, who will showcase the high-tech gadgets. These Best Buystores will also showcase a selection of Intel-equipped tablets and laptops. Intel Technology Experience Zones will be refreshed every season with new technologies.

Best Buy exec Jason Bonfiq said that these stores will demo some cutting edge technology which people generally don’t have the opportunity to see or experience. Bonfiq added “It’s a natural extension of our goal to” demonstrate some endless possibilities of technology and “ignite customers’ imaginations.”

In these Intel Zones, customers will be able to design3-D robots on a touch-enabled Intel laptops and they will also be able to see their efforts come to life on a 3-D printer. They will also be able to use Intel tablets to design and race a Mars Rover as they steer it virtually through a physical Mars landscape. Users will also be able to remix Ne-Yo tracks and control stage lights with Intel-powered devices.

Win-win deal for Intel, Best buy

This new partnership with Best Buy will help Intel to connect with users directly and explore other segments to lower its dependence on PCs. The iconic chip maker has recently begun focusing on mobile devices owing to the shift of user’s preferences from PCs to mobile. During the holiday season last year, Intel launched three pop-up stores in Los Angeles, Chicago and Manhattan. An alliance with Best Buy is the company’s biggest move to mark its physical presence in stores across the country.

For Best Buy, the Intel experience provides a chance to drive traffic to its store during the holidays. The 3-D printers will certainly be a huge attraction as many of heard of the new technology, but haven’t seen one live. The retailer stated that an Intel Zone will be located in the Twin Cities in the Mall of America, and the first Technology Experience Zone was opened last week in Portland, Oregon, where the chip maker has engineering and manufacturing sites.

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