Intel Corporation Rebrands Atom Chips Into Three New Names

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Intel plans to re-brand its Atom processors from the complicated names currently in use to easier-to-remember and more user-friendly names such as the “Atom–X” family of miniature CPUs. In 2007, the chip maker re-branded its Pentium processors to the new “Core” series, and this time, the Atom series will get revived.

More user-friendly names from Intel

Intel will follow a similar differentiation as it did with the ‘i’ line of processors, hinting at the power the customer can get at every price point. In the company’s infographics, it was mentioned that all three Atom brands will focus on “great tablet, phablet and smartphone performance,” but there is no information about two-in-one devices. As per the release, the Core M will carry “tablet-thin designs” going forward.

Intel’s Core M processors are efficient but expensive for manufacturers to use in low-cost hybrids, suggesting that either Intel will launch an affordable version or that there is something wrong with the infographics, according to a report from Digital Trends.

Intel used to code its chips with names such as “Z3735G” and “S1289.” Such names are difficult to remember and may not be recalled easily. Intel now plans to make it easier to remember the mobile processor lines by referring them as x3, x5 and x7, with x3 giving good performance, x5 better, and x7 being the best, according to Intel.

More details at MWC?

There is no set time frame when users and manufacturers can expect the new Atom processors. Intel is expected to reveal some details of this lineup at the Mobile World Congress next week.

There is a strong probability that x3 will be the name given to the Atom smartphone chips code-named Sophia, whereas Atom x5 and x7 will be names for the tablet chips code-named Cherry Trail, according to a PC World report.

With the change of the names, Intel will also be able to define the categories of its non-PC chips. Any change in the names of current Atom Chips will probably be liked the tech and chips enthusiasts, considering the confusing names of the chips presently.

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