Intel, Microsoft And PC Makers Join To Push PC Sales [REPORT]

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Intel and Microsoft are working together with the three leading PC makers – Dell, Lenovo and HP – on a new ad campaign designed to spread awareness among potential computer buyers regarding everything that can be done with a modern PC. A campaign with the slogan ‘PC does what?’ will be announced soon, says a report from Re/code, citing sources familiar with the companies’ plans.

Intel, Microsoft main sponsors

It is hardly any news that Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo all want to see more PCs sales, but the fact that they have all come together in a unified campaign for the first tim is definitely a big news.

The bulk of the funds for this effort have come from Intel and Microsoft, but Dell, Lenovo and HP have also put in ad dollars. The sources did not report on the amount being spent, but one of them told Re/code that it is a ‘sizable’ campaign. The sources informed that the campaign will feature TV, print and online advertisements

Intel and Microsoft account for much of the PC industry advertising as the profit margins of these two companies are far larger than the PC makers. Typically, they do not work in concert with the PC makers, but this time they are cooperating for the overall good.

An effort to reverse declining PC sales

The push from these big tech firms comes amid declining PC sales as many buyers have switched to other devices including smartphones, TVs and tablets. IDC expects PC sales to shrink by more than 8% and not stabilize until 2017.

The campaign, designed to educate potential buyers on all the extra things they can do with the latest PCs, will run in the U.S. and China, the report says. When Intel launched its latest family of chips, it noted that there are 500 million PCs five years or more old. This large number of older devices represents  a major upgrade opportunity for computer makers.

It is interesting to note that the campaign has come together just in the last few months, and follows the release of Microsoft’s Surface Book laptop, which has made waves among PC makers, who are concerned that it will eat into their business. Analysts note the Windows maker may be trying to placate the fears of the PC makers with the ads.

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