Intel, Google Working To Make Android Updates Quicker

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Intel and Google have come together to resolve a problem the users of Android devices have had to deal with for a long time. The updates to the various types of Android devices come at a very slow pace, and at times it can take months, which can be very irritating. This issue could be a thing of past with Google and Intel working together to offer a solution.

No major Android makers using Intel specifications yet

Over the air upgrades will be made available for the devices manufactured under the Intel mobile-device development program, thereafter, it will take no more than two weeks’ time for the new smartphones and tablets to get the new versions of Android.

According to Doug Fisher, senior vice president and general manager for the Software and Services Group at Intel, quick updates keep mobile devices fresh and “always available with the latest capabilities in Android.”

On Wednesday, speaking at Intel Developer Forum in Shenzen, Fisher shared the details of the program, and said that to ensure fast delivery of the updates to mobile devices, both Google and Intel will work closely together.

A 7-inch tablet manufactured by Cloudfone, a company based in the Philippines, is the only device based on the Reference Design Program from Intel. Samsung, HTC, LG and few others are the leading Android device makers that make use of ARM-based processor designs. As of now, none have announced the tablets based on the Intel Reference Design Program, but, Fisher said that small firms like ECS, Malata and ChipHD are developing mobile devices based on the specifications

Problems faced while updating

To easily update mobile devices to the new version of Android, there should be a consistency with the set of components and images used by the manufacturers when they manufacture tablets, smartphones and phablets. To guarantee this consistency, a blueprint is provided to manufacturers by Intel under the Reference Design for Android program.

The fact that different Android devices have different hardware configurations makes it really hard for Google to deliver similar versions of the OS on all the devices. Android has become quite fragmented as mobile device manufacturers modify the OS to make it compatible with their chipset, thus making it difficult for Google to make a quick update. The Reference Design Program has been designed by Intel to tackle this problem.

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