Intel Corporation Unveils ‘Easy Migration’ App For Chromebooks

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Intel has unveiled its “Easy Migration” app for the first time to Chromebook users, who now will be able to easily transfer their data and files on Intel-based Chromebooks. In addition to the Windows Operating System, this app from Intel for the Chromebooks will be ported to both iOS and Android.

Easy transfer tool from Intel

Users will be able to transfer their contacts, documents, photos, videos and audio files directly from a Windows PC, as well as from Android and iOS-powered smartphones. Through this app, the user will be able to select files for custom migration.

The app “helps transfers contacts, documents, photos, videos and audio files from a Windows PC as well as Android and iOS-based smartphones to Intel-based Chromebooks,” says a press release from Intel.

Since Chromebooks are cloud-based devices, it has become easier to pick and retrieve all the contents from a smartphone or PC to the Google cloud. The Easy Migration app includes the capacity to migrate all local / Hotmail contacts to Google Contacts and migrate all / selected photos and videos to Google+ Photos. Within the app, there are privacy settings that have been set to “Private” for all content within.

Intel offers a quick migration setting within the app through which the user will be able to transfer all the required files from the device. Under the custom migration option, users can select specific files to move to the cloud. Also within the app, users will be free to stop the migration if they need to use their device for other matters. The app also offers real-time reporting on how much space a user has consumed in their Google cloud account.

Some demerits too

The free app is available in the Google Play store, the Apple iOS App store, and Intel’s Easy Migration web page for PC owners. However, users will not be able to switch their desktop and mobile apps with the web-based version, and also it does not include sending music files to Google Play music. Also the new tool from Intel does not offer the freedom to use any other web services such as Microsoft’s OneDrive, says a report from PC World.

For using the Easy Migration app, a user would need a Chromebook with an Intel processor. Users who are not aware of whether they have such a Chromebook can go to the Chrome web browser extension, which allows them to see if Intel is powering the laptop.

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