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Intel Corporation Security Group’s Senior Executive Departs

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Intel senior security executive Mike DeCesare has left the chip maker to lead a cyber-security firm

Intel McAfee security co-president Mike DeCesare has left to take a job at privately-held cyber-security firm ForeScout, according to Reuters.

DeCesare left Intel last month

In an email sent to Reuters, DeCesare informed the media outlet that he left Intel last month and has been hired as chief executive of Campbell, Calif.-based network security firm ForeScout. DeCesare was named co-president of Intel’s McAfee security subsidiary in July 2011.

Intel acquired McAfee for $7.2 billion in February 2011, and in September last year, it hired Cisco Systems executive Chris Young, who has been named as the new head of its security group. DeCesare was one among the few of McAfee executives who still remain at Intel.

Skylake delayed– Is it intentional?

In separate news, Intel has further postponed its upcoming Skylake desktop CPUs to the end of August as per the Digitimes, which cites various sources. Following Intel’s normal release schedule, the second quarter of 2015 was the expected release date of the chips and their corresponding 100-series chipsets. However, citing sources in Taiwan’s motherboard industry, the report says there will be no Skylake in the second quarter.

The delay should not come as a surprise and could be intentional. Following the delays for Intel’s Broadwell platform, Skylake would have launched almost simultaneously. It is more rational for Intel to keep a considerable gap between the launch of the two platforms.

This delay suggests that PC makers will not be able to integrate Skylake into their models anytime soon. They were expected to show those models during Computex 2015 in June. Additionally, PC sales are also expected to be hurt in the second half of 2015, but the Skylake delay could encourage manufacturers to upgrade to Broadwell now rather than waiting for Skylake.

Broadwell in MacBook?

Recent reports suggest that Intel’s Broadwell chip could be used in the upcoming Apple MacBook Air Fresh. Intel’s fifth-generation Core processor allows 90 minutes of extra battery life compared to Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell.

Reports also suggest Apple could use Intel’s new Broadwell Y Core M processor for being power efficient and fan-less. Additionally, Panasonic is planning to utilize the chip maker’s latest launch, suggesting that the Broadwell processor will power its Toughbook 54 laptop.

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