Intel Corporation Plans Tablets, Phones With 3D Scanners

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) plans to develop small sized 3D scanners than can fit in the bezel of even the thinnest possible tablets. The chip maker hopes that by 2015, it would be able to introduce tablets with this technology. The CEO Brian Krzanich attended an event at MakerCon in New York on Thursday, where he told the attendees that after the tablets, the company would try to introduce it in phones, as well.

3D Scanners in phones, next target for Intel

The technology named ‘RealSense’ was demonstrated by Krzanich and few of his colleagues on the stage. A human model and an assistant were used in the demonstration during which an assistant just selected the model a few times while pointing a tablet at the subject.

A screen was placed behind the stage, and it took a couple of minutes before the appearance of a full 3D rendering of the model. Software exists for the manipulation of the resulting 3D models, and optionally they could also be sent to a 3D printer.

“Our goal is to just have a tablet that you can go out and buy that has this capability,” Krzanich said. “Eventually within two or three years I want to be able to put it on a phone.”

Krzanich discussed the idea of capturing anything and everything liked by a use. By third or fourth-quarter of 2015, the customers would be able to buy the tablets with built in 3D scanners. Putting 3D scanning cameras on drones is another project that the company is working on.

Dell Venue 8 7000 series of Android tablets announced earlier this month, who are also thhe predecessor to the 3D scanning tablets, were demonstrated by Intel on the stage. This tablet is planned for release later in 2014, and sports Intel’s RealSense snapshot depth camera, which gives the tablet an ability of a light-field camera.

Wireless charging bowl by year-end

Another awesome product from Intel is the wireless charging bowl for smartphones and electronics. The said product will be available in the market by the year-end as informed on Thursday by the company’s CEO Brian Krzanich.

At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Krzanich introduced few innovative ideas, and charging bowls was one of those. The idea of wireless charging bowls was the one that visitors found the most interesting at the show. This drew so much attention from people that they kept checking with the company the details of it becoming available.

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