Intel Corporation Invests $1.3 Million In CODE2040

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Intel announced a multi-year partnership and a $1.3 million investment in CODE2040 as a part of its $300 million commitment to diversity. CODE2040 is a non-profit organization devoted to helping black and Latino students of color get involved in technology. The Knight Foundation helped CODE2040 in raising $1.2 million, and now the chip maker comes into service as well.

Intel committed to diversity

The money Intel invested will be used in supporting CODE2040’s Fellows program. This program places students in career-building workshops and internships at famous tech companies such as Apple, Intel and Slack. The money will also be used for Technical Application Prep programs, a newer initiative from CODE2040 aimed to prepare students to get internships and make a career at top tech companies.

In a post on Medium, Intel’s Executive Director of Strategy and External Alliances, Barbara McAllister, said, “With a specific focus on broadening the participation of diverse talent in the tech industry, CODE2040’s mission aligns with Intel’s own priorities and together we can shift from acknowledging the problem to implementing comprehensive solutions that accelerate access to educational, professional and entrepreneurial opportunities in technology.”

Intel will take in 60 student interns from the CODE2040 Fellows program this year. Also as part of a five-day Tech Trek, Intel will host students from the organization’s TAP program. The chip maker has long been committed to promoting diversity.

In its latest annual diversity progress report, it was able to meet its retention goals, exceeded its hiring targets when it comes to underrepresented groups, increased diversity within the organization, and made contributions to the programs and partnerships aimed at improving its culture.

About CODE2040

CODE2040 is working to close the racial gap in the technology sector. Its mission is to make Silicon Valley representative of America one engineer at a time. CODE2040’s name comes from the year of America’s projected shift to African Americans and Latinos making up 42% of the population.

Laura Weidman Powers, CEO of CODE2040, said, “We are very proud of the multi-year partnership with Intel to create access, awareness, and opportunities for Black and Latino/a engineering talent.”

Apart from Intel, other tech firms too are making efforts for the cause. A couple of weeks ago, Google for Entrepreneurs partnered with Tech Inclusion, an organization and conference organized by Change Catalyst, which helps people of color and women in tech gain equity.

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