Intel Corporation (INTC) Buys Two Mobile Centric Software Firms

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has acquired two mobile focused software firms in a bid to make its offering even stronger and include more tools to write and manage the program interfaces.

Intel Corporation (INTC) Buys Two Mobile Centric Software Firms

The chip maker acquired Belfast based Aepona and San Francisco-based Mashery. The companies provide software to assist in managing the API’s (application programming interfaces) so that the partners can earn revenue on the services based on customer context.

What the Companies Offer

One of the companies, Aepona for instance, provides management tools to find the location, device type, and various other features linked to a mobile connection. With the help of this information, the service providers can enable transactions like onetime payment for services. The other company, Mashery is in the same business of providing management tools to manage API.

Both the companies Aepona and Mashery are primarily into business of providing software for mobile devices and mobile transactions. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has increased its focus on the mobile and tablets, and the acquisition seems to be a part of the total target. According to Intel’s statement the unit will be added into the service division of the company.

The acquisition of two companies follows the appointment of Renee James, the former chief of the software division, to the post of President. Brian Krzanich who has become the CEO of the company will be assisted by James to redesign the company’s hardware, software and services future.

There are various programming tools offered by Intel, which are associated with the x86 hardware products. The company owns Wind River, which is a real time operating system for embedded products. Other than this, Intel also has an AppUp application store that allows developers to sell application for PC’s and mobile devices.

Earlier Buys

Apart from the latest buyouts, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) this year also acquired appMobi’s HTML5 developer tools. The terms of the deal were not known. The chipmaker also hired some from the staff of appMobi’s in order to help in the maintenance of the Tool.

The company is also looking forward to buy Stonesoft Oyj for $389 million in cash. The unit, MacAfee which is a security software unit of the company said that the deal has been done to start a conditional tender offer to acquire the network firewall product company Stonesoft Oyj.

The acquisitions are in line with plans of the new CEO Brian Krzanich. The newly appointed CEO wants the company to focus on mobile business and take a leap into the new generation.

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