Instagram Is Down, Users Are Greeted With Empty Feed [UPDATE]

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Update: The Instagram outage didn’t last long, and the app is now working perfectly. Enjoy!

Instagram is down. Many people are reporting that the application’s news feed cannot refresh. Users also aren’t able to see their friends’ pictures or profiles at all. Instead of the refreshed news feed, users are greeted with the message: “Cannot refresh feed.”

Most of the time when Instagram is down, users can access their friends’ photos, videos and profiles through the web application. However, the web version of the app also has problems. When users try to access it, they are greeted with a “5xx Server Error.”

Since a lot of people use the app, it goes down from times to time. When Instagram goes down, people usually rant about it on The website notes Instagram’s server status and displays whether there are reports about the app going down. According to the website, Instagram started having log-in issues at 3:16 a.m. Eastern, offering users the opportunity to comment. Many used the comment section to highlight problems in their respective countries.

It’s worth noting that the issues with Instagram come only a short time after the company’s two founders left. Rumors suggested the two founders disagreed with Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg  on how the company should be run.

“We’re planning on leaving Instagram to explore our curiosity and creativity again,” Kevin Systrom said in a statement.

Last weekend, Facebook was hacked, and it’s possible some Instagram users and accounts were affected by the Facebook hack because many used the Facebook log-in feature to create their Instagram accounts, which are then connected to their Facebook accounts.

Nevertheless, it’s likely that those two events have nothing to do with Instagram being down right now, which will most likely turn out to be a technical fault. It’s no secret that Instagram goes down from time to time, which results in a lot of people complaining on the internet. After all, there are about 1 billion people who use the app each month.

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