Why It Is Important To Have Anti-Virus Software

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In the old days, people needs were simple: food, water, shelter and the occasional chance to gossip. Well, today our basic needs haven’t changed much. Food is bought in stores which are fed by supply chains with computerized inventory systems, water is dispensed through computer-controlled water systems, parts for house building comes from computer wielding realtors. Gossiping happens over the internet chat etc. The energy to produce and transmit all this is controlled by computer, and computer managed financial transaction to pay for it all.  Nevertheless, we have accepted this fact that our entire infrastructure depends on the computer today. Unfortunately, this means if computers are crippled our life chokes our lifestyle takes a beating and things cease to stand still – which is why you need anti-virus software to protect your infrastructure.

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So does computers need protection

Gone are those days when we had a safe and sound user experience with our computers. One would just switch it on and get on with his business. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that we are in such an unsafe situation, and there are cyber criminals around us. Obviously, we have people who create malicious software with the intend to harm us and steal our information.

How is that done

Well, most of the computer is infringed by malicious software, or malware. This is a software whose intent is malicious, or whose effect is malicious. There is a wide variety of malicious software like; worms, Trojan horses, spyware and now we have the most deadly ones ‘Ransomeware’.

Interesting computer suppliers are already offering antivirus software with every PC you purchase. They coerce you to shell, extra money to purchase antivirus software, because that is one way of making money.

But do you actually need antivirus software in 2017?

The focus of this article is to let you know how important it is for you to have anti-Virus software for your computer or infrastructure.

Absolute Security

Well, it’s a myth that we have our systems in absolute security, unfortunately there is nothing like absolute security. A computer is either secure or it's not. Your dealer may give you an antivirus claiming to be the best that safeguard your computer. It may not be necessarily the case that a particular piece of anti-virus software is be unlikely to be effective, against a determined attacker who are out on the hunt. .

These days we see spy agency funded by the government are penetrating security systems. So how do one ensure absolute security. There are many ways to fool users to divulge their details using the online method, which most of the anti-virus software are able to recognize.

Your computer needs anti-Virus software is because a malware can have a huge negative impact on your financial process.

  • To have an antivirus is important because if you treat your computer security as risk management, then you have to correctly assess how to keep it safe and analyses the scale of damage it can cause in case your system is hacked.
  • With time the malware has also grown smarter. If you can understand that the best malware is something that will sit at your computer and you will never know.
  • Such virus is designed in a way that they keep a low profile while sitting at your computer and looking at all the business. It then creates a havoc, which you will be not at all expecting. And then it does something that you never wanted it to do.

Windows 10

Microsoft takes online security very seriously and have integrated two important tools in the Windows 10 OS, that you need not have to worry about malicious software. This tool is Windows defender and Windows Firewall, that it doesn’t hog unwanted resources.

If by any chance it happens to break into your computer, there is an advanced version of Windows Defender Offline, you can run this through a USB or external drive, and it should be able to kill the viruses. Though Windows Defender is considered the basic version of safety tool, but it is enough to keep you alert of any major attack.

Download Free anti-Virus software

In the beginning we started with how our lives have been so dependent on the computer, and then we ask how important it is to have anti-Virus software today. The answer is Yes. You need to have something so strong, for the initial stage you need not have to go and buy it, unless you check it online and download the best antivirus software. Later, when you have advanced safety you can be sure that nobody is going to hog your computer. Your anti-Virus software will keep an eye of all that is happening in the background.

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