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There was a major glitch which sent out our email many times on Saturday instead of the normal settings of just once. Because of the timing over the weekend, no one was around to manually over-ride it . We our very sorry our (former) email coder is a fool and  are more upset than you, but understand the frustration and take responsibility for the issue.

As an apology, we are offering 3 months access to our premium for free for those who do not have it and extending to those who do as long as they are still subscribed or resubscribe to our free newsletter (which you are free to cancel at any time). NO PAYPAL or any hidden tricks required for those not subscribed (and for those who are subscribed it is same thing no tricks you already are subscribed via paypal or MediaPass and we will extend for both monthly and yearly for free, just hard to word it quickly here as we are also busy putting out fires, but we think you get the idea)- we are doing this to show we value our readers. Once the three months end, you will not have access and not pay or owe a penny.

If interested please email us at [email protected] with subject line “EMAIL SUBSCRIBER RESPONDING TO ANNOUNCEMENT” and tell us your premium account email (if applicable) and your email through which you get our daily newsletter and when you signed up. check out this link

NOTE – this offer is only valid for current or former newsletter subscribers as of 8/3/17. If you were subscribed and unsubscribed you can resubscribe here.

If you are a long-term newsletter subscriber please let us know so we can give you more than 3 months free.

For now we are doing manual emails until everything is perfect  – meaning, this issue will not occur again

Sorry again and thank you for being a loyal reader.

PS sorry for the poor grammar as writing this very quickly and if uncertain or have questions please just email us.

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