ICONOMI Outperforms Bitcoin In 2017

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ICONOMI, the world’s first digital asset management platform, which has offered a number of investors financial returns which surpass the growth of both Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market more generally.

Representative of the explosive growth within the blockchain space in the past 12 months the cryptocurrency market’s market cap, reached an  all-time high of $707 bn USD on January 3 2018 representing a growth of roughly 3680% in 2017.

Astonishing as these figures are, they pale in comparison to the exponential growth experienced by the BLX fund. As a result of the diversification of the BLX, it saw returns of almost 4200% in 2017 — significantly outperforming both the market and Bitcoin.

These figures indicate the preeminence of ICONOMI’s DAA managers within the crypto-investment space, and the scale of potential returns from professionalised, diversified DAA’s – an area within which ICONOMI has proven to be unparalleled.

ICONOMI’s DAA managers are some of the best established in the crypto-economy. At the beginning of 2018, they announced that they had reached the equivalent value of over $200M AUM, with the number of ICONOMI platform users having increased by almost 80% since Q3 2017. There are over 42,000 users currently registered on the platform, with almost 500 new registrations a day in the month of January.

As we move into 2018, the professionalisation of the cryptocurrency market is looking more and more likely, some bulls would argue although caveat emptor applies here!


The ICONOMI platform offers a range of diversified DAAs with a variety of investment strategies, from passive strategies with a focus on reducing risk to strategies offering higher volatility. Users are able to buy and sell DAAs, which are managed by experienced DAA managers. The platform is making cryptocurrency investment available to all, as DAAs are less volatile, more diversified, and easier to buy into than separately investing in individual cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

BLX is a passively managed, diversified DAA investing in established blockchain-based projects with active beta components. The DAA is overseen by the advisory firm Columbus Capital (Columbus), a leading digital asset portfolio manager that blends traditional portfolio management experience with expertise in cryptocurrencies and crypto-commodities. BLX tokenisation was performed on August 21, 2017 at the request of Columbus Capital.

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