Some Users Report Strange Camera Issues With Huawei P30, P30 Pro

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Huawei’s P30 and P30 Pro are exceptional devices when it comes to camera quality and features. However, some users are reporting strange camera issues with the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro.

Camera issues with Huawei P30 and P30 Pro

Affected users have taken to the company’s product forums to describe the camera issues with the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. One problem surfaces while taking photos under artificial lights. Users say they face a peculiar distortion when taking photos in the dark under artificial lights, according to tech site PiunikaWeb.

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Affected users say their images have unusual-looking light trails from the light sources. Moreover, many are experiencing the issue with the default settings. Such a problem is described as “lens flare” in the photography world.

“Lens flare refers to a phenomenon wherein light is scattered or flared in a lens system… This happens through light scattered by the imaging mechanism itself, for example through internal reflection and scattering from material imperfections in the lens,” the Wikipedia entry for “Lens Flare” explains.

One user claims they received a replacement unit after reporting the issue, but the same problem occurred in the replacement unit.

“I bought a p30pro on 3 April and I had some camera problems, I went to service they changed that one with a new one and I have the same problem,” one affected user said.

One user was able to confirm the same issue with the Mate 20 Pro. The person added that it is a common issue with the smartphones and happens when camera sensors capture more light from artificial sources. This user also suggested a workaround:

“Don’t point the phone directly towards strong light sources especially at night time seems to be the best advice I can find online about it,” the user said.

Further, one user suggested they are not seeing the same issue when taking images in night mode.

If you are facing the same issue with your P30 or P30 Pro, you can try switching to night mode. It certainly looks like a camera issue that Huawei must fix to ensure that the user experience is not marred.

Problems recording videos

PiunikaWeb highlighted another camera issue with the P30, but this time, it is related to recording video. The user who reported the issue said the camera appeared to be forcing stabilization even when they were trying to pan the camera.

“Its almost as if the camera is incorrectly trying to hold the image steady even though I am trying to pan the camera???” the user said, adding, “This seems more related to over zealous stabilization.”

Further, the user said there is no way of knowing if it is actually an issue or not because there is no option to disable it. However, they were able to see that the ultra-wide lens might be the one exhibiting such behavior.

“It seems to be on all resolutions and framer ates [sic] and seems to be more noticeable when using the ultra wide lens to pan,” the user said.

Huawei was quick to admit this issue, saying it will be fixed in future updates. The company also revealed that this issue is not affecting all P30 devices.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro specs

Huawei’s P30 and P30 Pro feature a speedy 7nm processor, metal and glass exteriors and in-screen fingerprint sensors. When it comes to photography, they have no match as their camera sensors can be raised to 5x optical zoom.

In terms of design, the P30 series is similar to the P20 series, but with small changes here and there. They feature a polished aluminum chassis between the reinforced glass and a display with a 19:5:9 aspect ratio. Further, the handsets boast narrower-than-ever bezels on all sides.

On the right side, there is a slim volume and sleep/wake key, while on the left, there is a dedicated camera button. The phones are IP68-certified, meaning they can withstand submersion in five meters of water for 30 minutes. The LG G8 ThinQ and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series have the same water resistance, while the P20 series was IP67-rated.

As far as the display size, the Pro version measures 6.47 inches, compared to the P30’s 6.1 inches. The phones have the same resolution of 2,340 x 1,080, compared to 2,240 x 1080 for the P20 series.

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